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Reply Perhaps you should have considered child support before marrying someone who was paying child support to two different women. I hope you aren’t able to claim “injured spouse” or better yet, maybe you will owe the IRS.

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If you are indeed paying too much, the court will adjust the amount, but be careful.

My ex husband’s wife insisted he file a modification to have support reduced and it actually INCREASED an extra $105 per week.

He is paying 30% child support plus all their health insurance needs. We can barely afford essential items and live paycheck to paycheck. He pays their benefits and pays both moms $600-700 a month in child support. We can barely afford our mortgage on a mobile home which is fairly new (2014 model).

Me and my husband fight on a daily basis because he’s paying all this money to their mother that A owns her own business B drives a brand new Mercedes and we can’t afford to put food in our fridge. The second mom also lied on her financial affidavit when she originally filed for child support saying she only worked as a waitress when she was in fact making $20 an hour as a teacher.

Maybe you’re experiencing something similar and/or have advice on how to improve their situation?

I’m hoping some of you can chime in and share some of your thoughts?

Why is it continued when children are grown and working with their kids and marriage Reply My husband has 3 kids from a previous relationship.

A year after the 3rd was born he found out it wasn’t his. One doesn’t work and her husband works three jobs to afford her spoiled brat lifestyle.

I don’t know if we will ever get that money back but supposedly the attorney general office has a levy on our tax returns and we’re trying to see about credit owed to us or how they are going to figure out this whole mess! Can anyone help me understand what’s going to happen or has anyone been through something similar?


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