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If you are indeed paying too much, the court will adjust the amount, but be careful.

Why is it continued when children are grown and working with their kids and marriage Reply My husband has 3 kids from a previous relationship.

A year after the 3rd was born he found out it wasn’t his. One doesn’t work and her husband works three jobs to afford her spoiled brat lifestyle.

To those wanting to claim your step child as dependents on tax returns, you had better be sure you have a court order stating you have permission, as well as file the appropriate forms signed by the custodial parent because that is federal law.

The real shame here is that these poor kids have to spend any amount of time with a step parent who resents their existence and begrudges them financial support. To those complaining about paying too much – get off your rear and file a modification petition.

Do you think it’s “unethical” to make a minimal cash income on the side and not report it? Let’s try and get them on a good game plan :) I’m drawing a blank… The seconds wife’s income is counting towards what the judge sees as “his” income. Reply It’s hard my had kids with his ex wife….( We have two little girls together) his ex has custody and my is not behind in child support. They have taken our tax refund totaling $29,000 so far and I’m not even sure what’s going on now since it’s still being disputed in court.

except for that last one, I don’t mess around w/ that non reporting stuff. Without that second income, the judge might be willing to drop the amount being paid. After six years now the mother is taking back her child she never fought for until they ordered child support payments to cease because she’s been lying!

Reply Perhaps you should have considered child support before marrying someone who was paying child support to two different women. I hope you aren’t able to claim “injured spouse” or better yet, maybe you will owe the IRS.

THAT should have been a red flag to you and if HE had any intelligence at all he would get away from YOU before you end up knocked up because it seems YOU are money hungry and simple minded. All of you who are complaining about child support should have either found spouses who didn’t already have a family and the ones who complain about paying and being broke should have worked your crap out and not broken up your child’s home.

What kind of greedy monster would even dare ask a question like that???!!!

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