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This is not a completely unilateral process, and it cannot take place without conflict and pain.

But numerous examples in Europe and the United States provide a basis for hope that the outcome could be positive.

And one of the most important prohibitions was the ban on intermarriage.

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When the founders of Zionism moved to re-establish the Jews as an independent political entity, they did not take into account that the ban on intermarriages might create problems for the Jews returning to their land.

Indeed, some of the prominent leaders and thinkers of the Zionist movement were themselves intermarried.

Intermarriage is one of the most sensitive subjects for Jews and Arabs living in this land.

This article, written by Gershom Schocken, is being republished in light of the Education Ministry's decision to ban a book about an Arab-Jewish love affair.

The Germany nation, as we know it, therefore, has assorted ethnic foundations, and even today, there are differences between Germans in the west and south of the country and Germans in Saxony and areas east of the Elbe River. In Israel, we are witnessing a process not all that different from that which transpired in Europe 900 years ago.

We conquered a land in which a local Arab population had lived and evolved over the course of more than 1,000 years.

After wars that caused numerous casualties on both sides, and after some of the original inhabitants of the land were exiled, the State of Israel was left with a sizable Arab minority that is constantly growing becauses of higher birth rates.

In this situation, it is natural that the two nations begin a process of merging through a process in which, as the conquered nation gradually accepts the culture and lifestyle of the dominant nation.

The English language we know today was borne out of a merging of the French dialect of the Normans with the Anglo-Saxon language of the conquered people.

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