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The most logical place to start would be dating sites that are more popular in Europe and have a larger number of members from the continent.One such site is, a private company launched three years ago by Web entrepreneur Marc Simoncini.You can use this site to search for international pen-pals, local and overseas singles and other possibilities.

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Another software system weeds out users who post rude messages during subsequent chat sessions, which can lead to being blacklisted from the site.

Then there is European is a friendship/dating/marriage and online dating site that assists singles of both sexes to find marriage and long-term relationships locally and overseas.

The great thing about online dating is that they have expanded the dating pool to include any part of the planet that has internet connectivity.

While online contacts from faraway places may not always get translated into physical dates, they definitely open up avenues for meeting and getting acquainted with singles from various cultures.

Moreover there is the in-house Friend Finder magazine where members contribute, ask questions or post comments.

If you are a guy and wish to have a partner from Europe, you can check out the niche area of Russian or East European mail order bride sites like and

One instance of this is how has sponsored street parties on Valentine’s Eve, dubbed "St. The festivities included DJs and speed-dating stands, where singles have only a few minutes to chat up a potential partner. S-based dating sites would be unlikely to invite members to a street party, since most Americans wouldn't consider that a great venue for meeting people.

Web matchmakers say once Europeans -- whatever their nationality -- decide to take the plunge and date someone, they stick to one at a time, whereas a single from New York City would find it natural to see three people at once.

In fact has 9 million European members in 13 countries.

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