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The three-way switch currently installed is new (but with the old original tip), but the original one is in the case, it's broken and I don't know if it can be fixed - but I think it's not impossible.

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The finish is original and in good conditions, with some checking and heavy wear on the back, which goes down to the wood. The wear-pattern and a small additional plugged hole from another strap-button on the lower horn, reveal that the previous owner was left-handed and used the guitar upside-down, la Hendrix.

All the parts are original: bridge, tuners, circuitry, staggered-pole pickups, potentiometers, three-way selector switch, plastic parts, etc.

The guitar comes with its original hardshell case, which in perfect conditions as well.

Another great Fullerton-era Stratocaster, in perfect and all-original conditions, in one of the rarest and most sought-after custom finishes: Lake Placid Blue.

Custom color's rarity, light weight and sound make of this guitar a winner.

Excellent action, smooth and easy maple fretboard with frets in good condition.The sound is great, hot and well-balanced, with the right amount of grit you'll expect from a '50s maple-neck Strat.Another wonderful Pre-CBS Strat, with an incredible flamed maple neck with brazilian rosewood board and clay dots.Perfect Spaghetti logo, small headstock with a very beautiful figured wood, Kluson Deluxe "double line" tuners, "L" serial number.Neck date is September 1964, pots date is 28th week of '64.Very nice look, the body has a beautiful finish and wood-grain.


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