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The Eastern, or Great, Rift Valley extends from the Red Sea’s junction with the Gulf of Aden southward across the highlands of Ethiopia and Kenya and continues on into Tanzania.

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The Horn of Africa, a major peninsular extension of the African mainland into the Arabian Sea, contains the vast lowland coastal plains of Somalia.

The climate of eastern Africa is generally tropical, though average temperatures tend to be reduced by the region’s high elevations.

Most of the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia—and some of those in Tanzania and Kenya—speak languages belonging to the Cushitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic languages.

Speakers of Nilo-Saharan languages populate Uganda and the rift valley portions of Kenya and Tanzania, while speakers of Bantu languages constitute much of the remainder of these countries’ population.

Between the two rift valleys lies a plateau that comprises most of Uganda and western Tanzania and includes Lake Victoria.

The volcanic massif of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, reaches 19,340 feet (5,895 metres) in northeastern Tanzania.Aromatic gums, tortoiseshell, ivory, and slaves were traded in return.Arab traders from about 700 seem to have preferred the East African coast to the south of modern Somalia.Eastern Africa, part of sub-Saharan Africa comprising two traditionally recognized regions: East Africa, made up of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda; and the Horn of Africa, made up of Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, and Ethiopia.Eastern Africa consists largely of plateaus and has most of the highest elevations in the continent.They sailed there with the northeast monsoon, returning home in the summer with the southwest.


  1. In an attempt to provide more sustainable and environmentally acceptable coastal defence options, engineers and policy-makers alike are increasingly turning to ‘softer’ approaches such as managed realignment.

  2. Anyway, they won’t allow me to access my accounts financiial details on line, and when asked to provide my billing info for the last year (a reasonable request and I’m pretty sure I’m legally entitled to see it) they sent me the last two statements (the buggered up ones) but omitted to send the three I’d actually asked for (Jan, Apr and Jun ’08). Anyway, today, found slid down the back of my hallway box seat I found the June electricity statement which shows me ‘being in debit since January.’ I’ve had a word with the local post office, and apparently they do keep a record of cash payments made through them (thank god I use the same place every time) and we’re getting hold of our bank details to prove our direct debits have been used to pay the entire bill (we paid cash whenever it went over what the pre-payment covered- I’m not mad, the husband remembers it too, even if BG swear blind we never did). Filed under: diary entry | Tags: diary | I hate this time of year.

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