Hermafrodit photos

Anna Blume, writing in the journal LTTR, describes the images as quite different from Nadar's other work; she writes that Nadar, whose normal portraits captured a personality and personage, instead focused on "a body and specifically of the genitals of this body".

To nije slucajan osjecaj vec relativno tacan: sustina se nikad nije promjenila u pristupu obrazovanju kod nas.

Onaj ko misli da ce sa amortizovanim kadrom i vristecim strategijama dozivotnog obrazovanja, dokvalifikacijama ili ko zna cim, iznjedriti nove entuzijaste i strucnjake u poslu koji se zove Inkluzija je samo obican prevarant. Za ovaj posao su potrebni novi kadrovi, sa novim stilom razmisljanja i zivljenja, ako hocete.

In 1930 German physician Magnus Hirschfeld published a portrait of himself with an intersex individual in his five-volume Geschlechtskunde (Sexology), while Louis Ombrédanne published 25 images of cases he had handled in his 1939 book Les hermaphrodites et la chirurgie (Hermaphrodites and Surgery).

Ne znam ko je prvi izbacio ovu frazu, ali mu treba odati duboko priznanje za propagandisticki rad i djelatnost.

One captures a full length view, in which the subject is unclothed except for a pair of stockings and shoes.

In the other, the subject's right leg is raised to provide a clearer view of the genitalia.

In the mid-1850s France, at the request of neurologist Duchenne de Boulogne, photographer Adrien Tournachon documented experiments in which facial muscles were electrically stimulated; another example of clinical photography was documented by German physician Hermann Wolff Berend in an 1855 journal article entitled "Ueber die Benutzung der Lichtbilder für heilwissenschaftliche Zwecke" ("On the Use of Photographs for Therapeutic Research Purposes").

The series consists of nine photographs documenting the subject in various poses and angles.

They were originally restricted for scientific uses, and Nadar did not publish them.

Further photographs of intersex subjects followed over the next several decades, although there is no evidence that the photographers knew of Nadar's work.

Jedino sto me dojmilo u ovoj vijesti je da jos bolje sa strane uocim mentalni sklop nasih tzv.


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