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The physicians at Partners Healthcare are working hard to provide your patient with the highest quality care and you with the highest level of service.Physician Gateway enhances that level of service with a 24/7 online offering to help you with the ongoing management of your patients.In addition, with a decreased reliance on paper files, you'll see improved chart quality and reduced medical errors.

As one of the leaders in the EHR transition, BHS can educate you on its advantages and help you find the solution that best fits your practice's needs and integrates with the Berkshire Healthcare Community.

BHS is also able to help you take advantage of significant financial incentives to partner with us on Allscripts.

Learn More With Partners Health Care Physician Gateway, keeping track of your patients has never been easier.

Cancer has touched the lives of almost every person living in the U. Thankfully, there are new treatments and ways of managing the disease coming out on a regular basis.

Treatment options for cancer include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which are often harsh and cause severe side effects.

Studies spanning more than three decades show that medical marijuana is an effective treatment for symptoms of cancer as well as the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. When you find out you have cancer, it’s an incredible shock to your system.If you’re struggling with cancer treatment or you know someone who is, it’s likely that you’ve wondered about taking medical cannabis for cancer to ease your symptoms.Your Massachusetts Marijuana Card will give you access to medical marijuana anywhere in the state.This means you’ll have the ability to purchase and possess medical marijuana without being arrested by local law enforcement.Federal stimulus funds are becoming available for physicians who adopt an EHR solution.


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