As the new generation heads to Starbucks, these portraits offer a last look at a part of the nation’s culture that is disappearing quickly, mainly due to the country’s focus on economic and modernisation policies.


During the conquest of the Americas, tea was brought over by the European explorers and enjoyed throughout the continent.

In fact, it ended up playing a central role in one of the most important events in American history: the American Revolution.," this event was a massive protest in response to Britain’s decision to implement the Tea Act, which enabled the monopoly on tea trading to the British East India Company to undercut American tea trading.

There are lots of people I’d love to get tea with: my grandmother, a tibetan monk, the Queen of England maybe… What did the girls in my kindergarten do in their play time, you ask? and I’m here to tell you that it’s a sect who does not want to be invited to tea.

But there is no chance — ZERO — that I was hoping that cute OKCupid gal was going to invite me for a cup of earl grey.

However, we’ve evolved quite a bit, and now you can enjoy thousands of different variations. Chinese emperor Shen Nung was sitting under a tree in 2737 B. when a few stray leaves blew into a pot of water his servant was boiling.

Curious, he tried this concoction and enjoyed it, and it soon caught on in the rest of China.

To this day, millions of Americans consume tea on a regular basis.

In 1901, a patent was filed for a “tea leaf holder” by two Milwaukee women, Roberta C. This item closely resembles the tea bags used today.

In the past week via Tinder, OKCupid, and Hinge, (in my ongoing Dating For Science work) three women have invited me, specifically, to tea… So, when asking me to hang out and spend some time seeing if we like each other, please remember that I’m a boy… We don’t have to smoke cigars and watch a baseball game together… If we mustn’t drink (which is totally acceptable) let’s do some kind of activity… Now, look: here’s the part where I provide the disclaimer and say that not everyone is like me, and maybe you found yourself that hot yogi who wants to talk about acro-yoga, play you his sitar, and yes, drink wild orange wulong oolong tea with you.

and it’s just a completely emasculating experience each time. Let me take you back to an earlier time, a simpler time, when I was young, with rosy cheeks and a runny nose. My point here is that I like to think I’m part of a cross section of hetero males in this world…

Infusing times depend on the tea you are drinking but are typically short – as little as 10 - 15 seconds for the first infusions, lengthening slightly for subsequent brews.


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