Kanye west dating selita

And Kanye's time in Hawaii was not alone, Selita was there." The source goes on to state that "Selita seems to be a good fit for Kanye" and that "Amber was leaking gossip and rumors about him to the media for a price." So now that numerous of the low-key couple are appearing in Page Six, it's no shocker that all the reports about the Ebanks changing West are for the positive.

Page Six even went on to state today: "Selita Ebanks is Kanye West's new muse.

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Kanye has apparently been seeing model Selita Ebanks for months now, allegedly.

These photos are of Selita and Kanye last night at the New Yorkers for Children Fall Gala.

But contrary to popular knowledge his latest muse Selita Ebanks has been around for almost a year.

A source close to West exclusively tells Entertainment Reporter La Shonda Matlock that "His ex-girlfriend Amber Rose was very aware of his budding new relationship with Selita towards the end of their relationship.

She enjoys food, soaking up whatever her native Toronto has to offer, and finding a great quirky handbag.

Kanye West has been known to easily jump from one beautiful lady to the next.

Ebanks, one of the highest paid models belonging to the Victoria’s Secret Angels clique alongside the most beautiful women in the world like Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum, has been getting quite cozy with the multiple-Grammy winner Kanye has recently split from his fiancée of a year and a half, Alexis Phifer, and Ebanks was previously engaged to Nick Cannon, who is of course now married to someone who shall not be named.

Kanye and Selita were seen partying at New York club Tenjune before they tried to sneak out together to a waiting car.

Maybe they started dating right after he and Amber Rose split up, I don’t know.

But I do know that Selita is a major upgrade from Amber – Selita is actually an established model with her own profile (who has already been engaged to one other high-profile man, Nick Cannon), and she doesn’t have to hustle with Kanye’s ego to get work. Kanye West has been known to easily jump from one beautiful lady to the next.

The word on Media Takeout is that Kanye “stole” Selita from singer Maxwell, her boyfriend of almost six months.


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