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Smart growth has been intended not to halt growth but to channel it into existing urban and suburban areas.

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Audiences that include both Maryland residents and those from beyond the state’s borders are drawn to a variety of other sporting events.

Notable are the horse-racing venues at Laurel, Bowie, and Pimlico, the latter the home of the annual Preakness Stakes (May).

During that period the Church of England was formally established.

In 1715 Maryland once again became a proprietary colony of the Calverts, who had converted to Protestantism.

This culture continued into the period of European settlement.

At that time the tribes of Maryland were Algonquian in language and politics, but they were under pressure from the Iroquois to the northwest, especially the Susquehannock in the nearby Susquehanna River valley.

The English promise of support in those wars greatly smoothed relations in the early colonial years. John Smith sailed into Chesapeake Bay and stayed for several weeks to map the shoreline.

With reference to the countryside around the bay, Smith exclaimed, “Heaven and earth seemed never to have agreed better to frame a place for man’s habitation.” In 1632 Cecilius Calvert was granted a charter for the land as a haven in which his fellow Roman Catholics might escape the restrictions placed on them in England.

One of the earliest laws of religious liberty, it was limited to Christians and repealed in 1692.

Commercial disputes with Anglican Virginia and boundary quarrels with Quaker Pennsylvania and Delaware did not affect this tolerance.

Frederick county repudiated the Stamp Act in 1765, and in 1774, the year after the Boston Tea Party, a ship loaded with tea was burned at an Annapolis dock.

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