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Letting her in, sharing secrets with her, and becoming irrevocably attached to her was not in Natasha's gameplan. I don't usually write sex scenes so this is a bit out of my comfort zone. Harry and Hermione have gone farther than they ever expected in pursuit of the last task Dumbledore left to them, how are they going to handle it being derailed by the actions of the worlds mightiest heroes? Morning twilight; a starlit sky; to have you; to hold you; to love you; forever...bound. Remains canon compliant through books not Pottermore.Femslash A lazy morning in bed is derailed by Harry and Ron's awful timing. As darkness rises, friendships are tested, allegiances made & love is re-discovered & lost; set during Hogwarts yr 2009-10. Harry, Ginny, Ron, includes most characters from books AU.Not as obsessed over as my usual posted fic but I couldn't wait.(Discontinued) He was always there for her, and she for him. When they worked together, nothing was too big a challenge. AU where Kirito brings Asuna with him after the first floor boss.

Whatever happens I will keep everyone posted and have information posted to each story. Ranma overhears some things that make him question his life in Nerima, then goes to see Dr. While fighting those that came after him, Ranma makes a crazy decision, using the Nanban Mirror to get away from everyone chasing him. Harry is off to a school in Japan to finish his NEWT's and for the first time in in his life he is in charge of his own destiny and can make his own decisions.

I have sold a book, 300 Rains, published through Doppler Press. I keep telling people it is a contemporary science fantasy anthropological mystery so don't worry. Only to land on a random planet in a Galaxy Far Far away before the events of Phantom Menace. Harry wants to make his own mark on the wizarding world and with the resources at his disposal and his popularity at an all time high now is the time to forge his own path.

What if Nabiki took a chance, bit her lip, and went for it? There isn't a person on this Earth who hasn't looked at someone across a crowded room wistfully and wished they had the nerve to go for it. Set in the Goblet of Fire, Harry and Hermione each have a strange awakening after a demonstration of the Unforgivable Curses during that fateful Defense Against the Dark Arts class. But Genma had one major advantage over his LAST dad: He wasn't an insane scientist from the Silver Millennium. I hope you're friends, because you're stuck with them. He wasn't sure why or how, but he longed for those days when it was just him and Hermione against the world. Elsa is the Crown Princess of Arendelle, a small kingdom in Norway. They met in college and Elsa returned to her kingdom.

How different is a Harry Potter with one deviant obsession, a twisted kink? (Contains much Old Shame, newbie mistakes, and no IC-ness from anyone involved. Somewhere along the lines Harry had done something he had never intended to do. Now she has embarked on a tour of the US with her parents promoting the Queen's charities.

And that's not counting the love for The Journey is the Destination and Written in the Body. I write fanfiction mostly about Kim Possible and Harry Potter but I have also done some Stargate SG-1, the Heralds of Valdemar, Ranma 1/2, Watchmen, and Winnie the Pooh. If you want to read my reblogs and ramblings on writing, life, love, and whatnot, my tumblr is: Whistling Wombat Just fyi...

I am trying to get an agent for an original novel I am selling.

She decides that if something would happen to her she needed to come clean about what she has been hiding from her best friend. River receives a surprising visitor while on Darillium - a newly regenerated Doctor, who is eager for her help in learning how to be a woman.

Short two-shot looking at the relationship between Kitty Pryde and Illyana Rasputin, and how life has a way of putting things into perspective for you when you least expect it. River is nothing less than delighted, and allows herself to be stolen away for a short while. River's already post-Library so she can come when the TARDIS calls her.

I love watching Chinese films both the martial arts films and others. I collect languages as a hobby, right now I'm at 18. I belong to a number of different fandoms but only write for a few of them. This pic by yogurthfrost reminds me of the ending of Chap 50 of TUIG Here is an excellent pic of all the KIGO kids and Grace is in there. Here is an excellent picture of the all powerful moosehat incident from TUIG Grace in another picture! How will Hermione react when she realises her feelings for Ginny are not as unrequited as she once thought?

I just figured I would mention that for no particular reason. I am very into competitive swimming, having done some earlier in my life. I think Joe Versus the Volcano is one of the greatest movies ever. I have one good joke, but it only works because of the accent. Can love overcome all and can frienship unite them once more? Once again Ranma gets smacked in the back of the head and has amnesia, much like that one episode (yes that one). Harry felt he had lost his chance at family after watching Sirius fly away only for his godfather to show up during the summer.

A marriage law is instigated during Hermione's sixth year.


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  4. "Journey to Regionals" was watched by 10.92 million American viewers and attained the highest finale rating for a new show in the 2009–2010 television season. Club deemed it among the best of the entire season, and Time roots, justifying its renewal for a second season.

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  6. But I know women that have followed it since it's beginning, more than 17 years ago. While the romance between Claire and Jamie is the focal point of the story, there's a lot of action, wars (the Battle of Culloden in particular..Scotland tries to break free from England), and it really beautifully describes what Scotland was like in the 1700's.

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