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And sources said he could see no good reason for allowing EU nationals, who cannot vote in British general elections, to decide on Britain's future.

SNP leader in Westminster Angus Robertson said: 'We will make a positive case for membership of the EU and for a referendum that is fair to all, meaning that for the UK to be able to leave the European Union, each nation - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - would have to vote to exit.

The handouts are funded by a surcharge on domestic energy bills.

In a pointed intervention, he told Mr Juncker that they were meeting in the room reputedly used by Winston Churchill to write some of his most famous wartime speeches.

Otherwise, Scotland could be dragged out against our will.

The Aim: Paves the way for an In/Out referendum by 2017 at the latest.

The Conservatives promised in their manifesto to end public subsidy for future onshore wind turbines, after David Cameron said people were ‘fed up’ with them being built.

But the Queen’s Speech revealed the Government would consult with Scotland and Northern Ireland before making any changes to their regime.

In the end, 45 per cent of people voted Yes, a much closer result than expected when the referendum was agreed.

Stuart Coster, co-founder of the People's Pledge which campaigned for an EU referendum, also argued that those precedent in previous votes was that 'the change option, in this case leaving the EU, should invite a 'yes' response'.

He warned that if a constitutional change was enacted through tinkering with internal rules, it would mean that ‘any majority government could change standing orders to restrict the voting rights of any Member.’Mr Cameron replied: 'The Government has a very clear view which is we believe the right answer is reform, renegotiation and referendum and we go into that believing Britain will be successful - and that is the view of all the Government and every Government minister.'But his hopes of securing changes to the EU's treaties within the next two years were left in tatters yesterday after France and Germany stitched up a secret deal bypassing the UK to tighten their grip on Europe.


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