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Why would someone need to do their make up that often?

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Sending malicious, menacing, or obscene communications (such as rape threats, or unwanted sexual photos) can also be a crime.”It sounds obvious but it’s a known phenomenon that many people encounter harassment and don’t do anything to report it but instead close their own account instead.

Don’t let yourself be bullied off: the law - and the apps - are actually on your side.

At The Inner Circle we go a step further - you need to be hand-approved by a team that verifies you across a number of authentically populated social channels.

This creates a community of members that are accountable to one another from the get-go.

First dates are a lot like job interviews – they’re all about first impressions. ‘I understand cancelling once – maybe you had an emergency, maybe you were ill – but changing or cancelling our plans multiple times just makes you seem uninterested.

Everything you say and do will reflect on who you are to your prospective partner, and if you want a second date there are a few moves you should probably avoid. When we finally get around to meeting, I will most likely be annoyed and/or embarrassed: two things that will instantly put me off.’ 2. ‘A date once refused to let me order cheese after my meal, telling me I didn’t need it because I’d already had three courses. I just got a coffee in the end but I didn’t want to meet up with her again.

Apps are divided into those that do use other kinds of social media such as Facebook and Linked In to verify your app and those that don’t.

Opt for the first kind - from the off it decreases your chances of harassment as it’s been proven that being linked across other networks improves users’ general behaviour and manners.

And it’s not just on you to push back on them: there’s a lot more that can be done than opting for a ‘virtual martini glass in the face’ emoji.

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