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The first is to determine how the ancient Greeks conceived of beauty—a matter that is not uncontroversial, since some scholars have denied that there existed an autonomous concept of beauty in classical Greece.

This question is addressed by an investigation of Greek terminology, singling out in particular, and for the first time, the significance of the noun kállos, as opposed to the adjective kalós.

The situation was really that the local priest and church and the mayor had no choice but to say that there will be no further weddings - 99 per cent of the weddings are British." He added: "People are outraged and taking about suing the couple involved.

They want the couple to publicly apologise to Rhodes and particularly the church." Lindos' economy is heavily reliant on weddings and businesses are said to be extremely fearful for their futures.

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He told Mail Online: "I will be going to see a solicitor to see if any action can be taken against them.

They are scum." In the raunchy picture, which has been shared around the world, Carly is on her knees on sacred ground in front of her partner, 27, while he punches the air – with his pants round his ankles.

The Sun's source added: "The average wedding out here is about 30-90 people.

When looking at 500 weddings, we are talking here of a lot of people. The British community that live here are embarrassed and upset, the Greek community are outraged and worried about the impact for their businesses." Mr Eleftheriou added: “Shame on those two for the damage they have done.

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