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They quickly caught the attention of Neil Young's manager who later signed them to his L. The sister duo have since released an album every two or three years with the first one being "The Business of Art" in 2000.They gained a lot of attention in their home country before invading Stateside and making their global breakthrough as they came out fresh with their third major-label effort "So Jealous".

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I met up with noted reality TV fans (and indie-pop stars) Tegan and Sara Quin at SUR to discuss ? Like the fantasy date at the end where they clearly have sex but can't talk about it. Molly: I enjoy it as a group psychology experiment. Molly: They're all the perfect level of wanting to be famous. Every time they come onscreen, everyone at my party laughs.

Sara: When my girlfriend and I started dating, one of my her prerequisites for moving in with me was that I had to get cable so that we could watch Bravo. " to "That is the stupidest show." I love participating in things that aren't just universally loved or hated. Tegan: We were out on tour when I was [binge-watching reality tv], and one of my questions is, is it sad to sit and watch this TV alone? We're doing with friends, and it's my first time watching it. Tegan: I get really hung up thinking about what people watching it are feeling and experiencing. You really understand why people get so crazy in confined quarters competing for something they can't all have. Like, they all want to be reality TV stars, so you don't feel like they're being exploited. The other funniest thing is listing people as "unemployed." Like why did they do that to that poor girl?! Molly: But you're the is the best." Sara: I'm all for absorbing and analyzing things that a lot of people like.

Like, it looks awful, I mean, you're cringing in them," and the girl was like, "I got food poisoning the night before and I was up just getting sick all night and I was in so much pain and I got to the shoot and I was dehydrated and tired and I went to the hospital right afterwards," and Tyra was like--It was like a close up on her face all the sudden and she was all like, "You know, I had"--I can't remember what it was, some sort of disorder, some sort of thing--"and I was in incredible pain and I was cramping and blah blah blah blah blah"--you know, she's doing this whole thing and listing all the characteristics, all the symptoms of her disease, and she goes, "But you just model through it." And I was like, "Oh my god, that's fucking genius.

Tegan: Well, Tyra was like, "Your pictures do not look good.

As the seasons pass, everyone gets more jaded; perversely, though, their dreams of fame are coming true via itself. " Tegan: I can't remember the last time I was somewhere where there was meatloaf. It's actually really impressive for how much they spent on it. Sara: I'm shocked that one of the twins made it as far as she did. You get one sweet item, one salty item, and a beverage. If they don't have the Ruffles, I don't mind a Lay's.

And so the cast is now trapped forever at SUR restaurant, like ghosts at a haunted mansion, even though none of them really work there as waiters anymore because they have become what every waiter dreams of: reality TV stars. Molly: They shot it at the North Hollywood library! At first you watch and you're like, "These people are so pathetic, I'm so much better than them." Then you are suddenly realizing, "Wait, these people are so pathetic and we're really not so different after all." Sara: No, we're not. Tegan: The fact that they always just wrote "Twin" under the twins is so funny. Sara: I would get just regular Perrier, no flavor water. If I were in Canada, we'd be talking a whole different ballgame – my chip of choice is Old Dutch rippled sour cream and onion.

“I listen back to the songs and wish I could get in a time machine and go back and hug myself,” Quin tells EW.

But now there’s a reason to look back and celebrate: , a 10th-anniversary tribute album (out Oct.

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Tegan: Oh, so because they're not expensive, their life is worth nothing?

It's a thin chocolate that has a caramel piece inside it, and what I like to do is just take it and bite gently through the chocolate and then pull it off with my teeth.

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