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If you're then sending this off for POST again, you won't get the expected result. Instead you can make your own simple function if you simply want to pass along the data: As noted, this function omits keys with null values.

This could break some code which treats the key as boolean, and so has no value, or other code expecting the array to be populated regardless of value.

Normally if posting to another php5.3 machine this will not be a problem.

But if you post to a tomcat java server or something else the & might not be handled properly.

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To overcome this specify:http_build_query($array, '', '&');and NOThttp_build_query($array); //gives & to some servers Is it worth noting that if query_data is an associative array and a value is itself an empty array, or an array of nothing but empty array (or arrays containing only empty arrays etc.), the corresponding key will not appear in the resulting query string?

E.g.$post_data = array('name'= Be careful about Example 1 -- it is exactly how *not* to implement things.& as a separator is the URL encoding.& is HTML encoding.

Doing as this example suggests is a security hole waiting to happen.

When using the http_build_query function to create a URL query from an array for use in something like curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $post_url), be careful about the url encoding.

Mark on my install of PHP 5.3, http_build_query() seems to use & as the default separator.

Kind of interesting when combined with stream_context_create() for a POST request, and getting $_POST['amp;field Name'] on the receiving end.

In my case, I simply wanted to pass on the received $_POST data to a CURL's POST data, which requires it to be in the URL format.


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