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Provided you have confirmed your Black Berry ID, Anti-Theft Protection associates your Black Berry ID with your device, and provides you with the ability to disable your device using a new Flag as Stolen option.

When used, Flag as Stolen will erase your device memory and disable your device, unless the Black Berry ID which was used to setup the device originally with Anti-Theft Protection, is entered on the device.

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My friend, Randy, bought a year-old, open-line i Phone from Hong Kong.

He was using it with a Globe SIM card in the Philippines.

These numbers (or codes) work on most GSM capable phones, and the i Phone is no exception.

You must tap dial after each number (unless specified differently in the description).

One night, Randy was synching his i Phone with his i Tunes when he was prompted that a new firmware upgrade is available.

So Randy eagerly let i Tunes to update his i Phones firmware fro 1.1.4 to 2.2.0. After the reboot, he was shocked to see a message like this: Even more shocked when he realized that his i Phone has “locked” and could only access the emrgency numbers.

As for the frequency you are using, use the following guide to match your ARFCN (Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number): "Network Operating Mode", if it is NOM 001 then Voice has higher priority (Class A), while NOM 002 indicates Data has a higher priority than Voice (Class B). Note that this Field Test Mode was disabled in i OS 4.0, and re-enabled in i OS 4.2.1.

However, many of field test features listed are no longer available unless you use an earlier version of the firmware, or re-enable via homebrew.

So we called our phone unlocking expert, Roland, for assistance.

Roland sent us to i Clarified website where the instruction how to unlock the iphone is found.

Note that this ability is similar to the assisted GPS feature of the i Phone 3G and i Phone 3GS, with the difference in that turning ON Location Services lets i Phone and its applications use this tracking info immediately (less than 10 seconds).

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