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Fakes you are paying to be added to your lead list. Scammers exist in every industry - and it’s also true that these dishonest aholes make it hard on the rest of us.

In other words, when a dishonest company has bots in their traffic, when you buy 1000 clicks, you’ll get 1,000 clicks, but only 500 may be actual people with actual money. There are lots of ways these traffic providers scam their customers, and we actually keep you updated on the latest scams being used in our Free Newsletter.

Well, we sell multiple types of traffic for the most profitable verticals.

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If you own a business, if you need leads, or if you make money, you want e Mail traffic.

e Mail traffic is the best way to get in front of genuinely interested people who will buy. There have been independent studies, year after year, confirming this since at least 1999, with no change in sight.

Since e Mail traffic is the best way for businesses to make money, we figured the best way for US to make money is to sell customers to businesses like yours. The most common way your traffic can get “dirty” is with bots.

Here are two extreme looks at water, one is extremely clean, and one is extremely dirty. If you can’t tell the difference, I’m not sure I can explain it to you any simpler than this. Bots are basically computer programs built to “act” like real people when they are sent to an ad or offer.

They are sort of like the human-looking robot assassins from “Terminator”.

Evil machines that look and act humans - but when you take a closer look they are just fakes.

We’ll get into exactly why that’s so important if you’d like, but to actually ANSWER your question directly, we sell this type of traffic in these verticles.

So, either you’ve clicked on one of the traffic options above…

Instead, they send bots - computer programs that act like people, putting in fake or old contact information.


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