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^I wouldn't call it "good music" necessarily, but it would've gone top 20 given the chance. Many blasted her for her drastic change of musical direction the electro-pop sound is certainly a far cry from the jazz and soul-influenced Back To Basics four years before and her style, as she combined her good old Stripped and Dirrty girl days with the modern-day screen siren look. :rolleyes: Released in the last 10 years: Dirrty, Beautiful, Fighter, Can't Hold Us Down, The Voice Within, Call Me (with Diddy...let's face it, X owns the show), Ain't No Other Man, Hurt, Candyman, and Keeps Gettin' Better. Released in the last 10 years: Dirrty, Beautiful, Fighter, Can't Hold Us Down, The Voice Within, Call Me (with Diddy...let's face it, X owns the show), Ain't No Other Man, Hurt, Candyman, and Keeps Gettin' Better. I've heard of three of them, but the only one I can stand is Fighter... I do like Not Myself Tonight though, so I suppose I like two songs of hers... However, all of those were successful, whether you like them or not. You seem to mention her voice in comparison to other singers quite a bit yet most of those singers seem to be seriously outselling her, which just goes to show how having a mega-voice doesn't really mean jack nowadays. Her style outside of The Voice and photoshoots recently is lacking, IMO.

=) On another note, I'm just asking myself WHY THE F the new single isn't out yet? she should've released a video for it instead of cutting its run short to release that flop you lost me. : DI would love that : D And imagine her as Laras Voice actresse. I was surprised how well it summarise my opinion about Bionic. I did a similar article for a slovak magazine back in 2010. Matthew must be devastated with all this backlash at Xtina here. I use to joke around about xtina being a "Flop" (when she's not really one) I only did that to clapback another member. Hopefully she brings Nicki to the studio with her & snatch back her stolen Antique crown. I can't wait tho, Xtina will slay.;6254141']prepare for some gaga comparisons as well.

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Tatu continue to break off on a part inviting on various ceremonies and nominating on different sorts of the award. has been nominated for Best International Video along a slew of stiff competition: Avril Lavigne - Complicated Christina Aguilera - Dirrty Creed - Don't Stop Dancing Eminem - Without Me Kelly Osbourne - Papa Don't Preach Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong Mariah Carey - Boy (I Need You) Nelly and Kelly Rowland - Dilemma Nick Carter - Do I Have To Cry For You?

Only recently girls were put forward as applicants for awards Brazil MTV 2003.

:p The armchair psychologist in me says there must be a subconscious reason to his constant need of bringing Christina down; an independent, curvaceous, motherly, hungry (for both power and crackers), strong bionic woman. :ohn: I've been begging him to do Dirrty, but he says it's too much. I want to make another Xtina t-shirt for me, and Id like to put some of her lyrics on it.

do=whoposted&t=113368) enjoys Xtina more than we all thought. :p His Disturbia performance was a tad better, but nothing beats Nate's moves when it comes to I'm a Slave 4 U.

are down to one this evening as Julia Volkova is in hospital leaving Elena alone on stage More Thanks: marieke 05/23/03 t. It will indeed take place on the 24th of May, but voting on the site to which link is provided has no sense.

confound the critics are rehearsal Here Thanks: marieke 05/23/03 The Russian bandwagon hits town Here Thanks: marieke 05/19/03 Tatu's Eurovision performance Ive just noticed that theres wrong information in Elizabeths post (from Australia) about TATUs performance in Riga.

And already yesterday they were declared as headliners of the annual Russian premium "the very Heavy Hit 2003 (Stopudoviy Hit)". eremony of delivery of the symbolical "Weight" will held already September, 4.

Ceremony will pass in Moscow in SK "Olympic" and promises to become one of the brightest joint performances of all best of the Russian pop-culture.

Among brewing controversy regarding a planned appearance on a music show on Asahi TV that t.

backed out of at the very last moment, things got even worse. Anger, Metallica The highest rated videos for the week of Jun. 1 All The Things She Said, Tatu 2 Not Gonna Get Us, Tatu 3 Feel the Burn, Dogwood 4 A Moment Like This, Kelly Clarkson 5 There There, Radiohead Vote for Tatu on Rollingstone website here Thanks: Robert 06/11/03 t.

There is while only one question: whether will accept participation in performance Julia Volkova? Source: tatulife.08/19/03 News about an animated film Here Thanks: layzie; russkayatatu @ 08/18/03 t.

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