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Luck would have it that a BBC journalist was made aware of Wycombe’s plight. Wycombe’s Simpson crosses into the Leicester box, only to see it punched clear by Leicester’s goalie Royce. Players from both teams watch as it floats slowly through the air. A brief silence ensures before a wave of cheering emerges from the 3,000 away Wycombe fans. Essandoh, shell-shocked tells them Over a decade later, Essandoh still counts his blessings for teletext. Football transfers come in many shapes, sizes and stories.

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Worse still, all six striking options were injured. Sanchez needed a fit, non-cup tied striker to face Leicester, not an easy find in the middle of the season. Indian Statute, known as the Comanche, stands proudly in the Wycombe dressing room, for he knows the outcome already. It’s Escape for Victory, it’s Rocky, it’s every movie of a plucky underdog rolled into one. So if and when Manchester United tweets about the need for a new player, don’t laugh.

Wycombe faced Leicester, then a Premiership team, with no strikers. If opportunity creates the thief, it also creates the hero. Wycombe’s Bulman loops the ball back into the penalty area. The ball glances off Essandoh’s head towards the Leicester goal. Reporters flock to Essandoh, hoping to get an exclusive with this unknown hero. Yet for one brief moment, the footballing world stood still, as a man signed through teletext shocked us all. Remember Essandoh, remember Ceefax and remember the Comanche.

On the final day of the season they faced off against Lincoln City, knowing they needed a win to ensure survival.

On the way to the ground the Wycombe coach passed a second hand shop, and indeed it had passed many shops on its travel. Pressed for time the team decided that if they beat Lincoln and survived relegation they would go back and purchase the figure.

According to Sanchez: Essandoh had earned a spot on the team’s bench. Simpson curls in an inviting cross, Paul Mc Carthy dives bravely in at the edge of the six-yard box to steer home a header.

Next up was Leicester City, the Quarter Final of the FA Cup and the magic of the Comanche. 21,000 fans poured into Leicester’s Filbert Street Stadium to see David face Goliath. You know the type that brings a tear to a commentator’s eye as he waxes lyrically about the magic of the FA Cup?Wycombe’s run began with a victory over Grimsby Town in the First Round and went as far as the semi-finals.But that is not the story for today, but merely its background.For the 2000/2001 season saw Wycombe engage in one of those often romanced about FA Cup Runs.Essandoh had 19 transfers in the course of his career; none was more significant than his move to Wycombe. Leicester were desperate, throwing everything at Wycombe. Sanchez must watch the rest of the game on a TV monitor deep inside the tunnels of Filbert Staidum.


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