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“Especially if you start young, you've never had a job interview, you don't have a resume and the people who pay you for sex you identify as the same people who would be your boss, so it’s hard to think about how [to fit in],” she explained.She said what she'd like the girls from Laval and others who may be enticed into getting into sex work to think about is the aftermath.Prevention is a key part of the program; former prostitutes share their stories, much like Valerie is doing. “It doesn't mean the girls will understand right away, but it gets them thinking,” said Marlene Langevin of the Laval police.

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From the moment I would step out of the tub, I would be back,” she said.

With the recent rash of runaways from a Laval group home and concerns they're being recruited by street gangs into prostitution, Valerie decided to share her story.

He was a dropout with a broken attitude who kept moving to new cities until he scraped together enough money to move out to the next one.

We had located each other at some tiny little point on the social Venn diagram where we listened to the same bands and liked the same drugs, and not much else.

She says money, and the perception it’s “easy money,” is an alluring part of sex trade.

She said she made “preposterous” amounts of money at 17 -- 0 to 0 a night.

The hardest thing for me was nightmares,” she said.

Valerie has a full-time job now working at a helpline and is pursuing her passion – singing.

My mind easily translated those skills to alternate situations. When he went outside for a cigarette break, he signed his phone number to me through the pane of glass.

This was, in my limited dating experience, the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me.

Eventually her two worlds collided and she wanted out, but to do that wasn't easy.


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