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Et dans La passion de Camille et Lucile Desmoulins il incarne, encore avec Claude Jade en Lucile, le révolutionaire Camille Desmoulins.

Pensionnaire de la Comédie-Française de 1972 à 1973, il a joué par la suite dans de nombreuses comédies musicales et a été nommé à deux reprises au Molière du comédien dans un second rôle pour La Jalousie de Sacha Guitry en 1993 et Sylvia en 1997.

Thus, Arnold's egocentricity finds expression when he gazes into a mirror during the opening of The International Stud, which also isolates Arnold and Ed in a series of self-absorbed monologues.

Like the torch singer who capitalizes on her pain with "music to be miserable by," Arnold often allows his vulnerability to careen crazily into masochistic self-pity.

Fierstein suited his form to his content by employing presentational styles in the first two plays.

In dialogue at once droll, direct, and distressing ("A thing of beauty is a joy till sunrise"), Arnold compulsively carries the torch for bisexual Ed, but his winning the stud degrades him nearly as much as does the initial pursuit and the eventual loss.

Yet he accompanies each act of dependence, each self-destructive kvetch with which he pushes Ed away from him, with a laconic quip that lets us know that Arnold understands what he is doing.

Beckoff who rebukes her own homosexual son, Arnold; giving us, therefore, two mothers, two widows, two sons, and two referees for fights--yet only four characters.

Although Arnold and Ed have matured to some degree, Ed still does not know what he wants, and Arnold still displays a penchant for acting in ways not in his own best interest. Beckoff disapproves of David when she, in a hilarious scene, mistakes him for Arnold's lover, but she grows still more shocked when she learns that the tie is filial.Très actif également dans le milieu du doublage, il est entre autres la voix principale de Stanley Tucci ainsi que la voix régulière de Ray Liotta, Stephen Tobolowsky et Patrick Bauchau.Date of birth : 1954-06-06 Date of death : - Birthplace : Brooklyn, New York, U. Nationality : American Category : Famous Figures Last modified : 2010-08-20 Credited as : Writer, dramatist, Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle award 1984 Harvey Forbes Fierstein, born June 6, 1954 in Brooklyn, New York, United States is an American writer and dramatist.They are sophisticated enough to suit the fugal accompaniment (by string quartet) and plot construction but sufficiently infantile for Arnold's bedroom to be termed "the nursery." If Fugue's duologues seem to be an experimental version of Noël Coward or William Wycherley, the representational domestic drama Widows and Children First!begins with more conventional sitcom plotting and balances the deflation of sentiment with effective sentimentality.Fugue in a Nursery picks up Arnold and ex-lover Ed a year after the end of their affair as Arnold and his new flame, Alan, visit Ed and the "other woman" Laurel at Ed's summer home.


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