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Arnold objects to his mother's distress at homosexuality, yet he loves an equally fearful man.

Fierstein's rich thematic panoply--including loneliness, loss, self-esteem, homophobia, and honesty ("What's the matter? ")--numbers among its concerns frequent allegiance to the sort of family values to which right-wing zealots love to claim sole proprietorship.

Fierstein created his Tony award-winning role Arnold Beckoff (i.e., "beckon" versus "back off") in the first of the Torch Song Trilogy plays, The International Stud.

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Five years after Fugue, we find Arnold, in a period of widowhood following Alan's death, bludgeoned with baseball bats by homophobes.

Ed has left Laurel; and Arnold mothers his "hopelessly homo" foster son, 15-year-old David; while visiting Mrs.

Actif dans le doublage, il est notamment la voix française régulière de Stanley Tucci et une des voix de Ray Liotta.

Il prête aussi sa voix au chat Ramsès dans les publicités Feu vert.

Arnold cannot be impersonal about sex, longing instead for romance, commitment, monogamy, and children to mother.

Such conventional values imbue most of Fierstein's work ever since his groundbreaking trilogy and contribute to his popularity among heterosexual as well as gay audiences.They are sophisticated enough to suit the fugal accompaniment (by string quartet) and plot construction but sufficiently infantile for Arnold's bedroom to be termed "the nursery." If Fugue's duologues seem to be an experimental version of Noël Coward or William Wycherley, the representational domestic drama Widows and Children First!begins with more conventional sitcom plotting and balances the deflation of sentiment with effective sentimentality.Instead, Fierstein wrote about the housecleaning experience in the musical In Search of the Cobra Jewels, complete with a chorus of cockroaches, in which both writers appeared as themselves.Because Fierstein wanted to play a whore, he wrote Freaky Pussy, whose seven cross-dressing hookers live in a subway men's room.Très actif également dans le milieu du doublage, il est entre autres la voix principale de Stanley Tucci ainsi que la voix régulière de Ray Liotta, Stephen Tobolowsky et Patrick Bauchau.

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