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I think they're making psychedelic mushrooms here illegal starting in January. - dc First piece of advice learned from visiting Malaysian woman friend.

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Not saying I agree with anything in particular that Sheldrake says either. Searched for an image to show that but only came up with those with Europeans or near empty ideal beach scenes reminiscent of car ads with only one car on the road, even if it's in a city.

- DC - See it on Rupert Sheldrakes site with relevant links and follow-up On You Tube Ted Talk Conversations on this - really interesting - posted in dc misc On Xmas we joined others for some dragon fruit smoothies and more sips and nibbles at a lovely villa Suzanne Wilder was staying as a guest. - posted in Saunters Lists are a big deal on the Internet because people go to them and thus advertising revenues go up for the sites that use them.

Transcriber couldn't understand Suzuki saying "Kishizawa" and had written "Komozawa?? Katrinka sent Ketut home to be with his family which he was eager to do, said to skip cleaning etc here today. Click on the thumbnail to see the penjor lining a road - and notice that it' a well-maintained road.

" and in preparing for the archive I had just looked it over quickly and not realized what was there. Penjor explained at Indo dot com - posted in Saunters Highly recommend Your Inner Fish, a PBS documentary in three parts - our inner fish, our inner reptile, and our inner monkey.

Richard is the general editor for the Selected Works, which will be four volumes in total, as well as editor of the forthcoming one-volume Suzuki Reader. Richard Jaffe cuke page Shunryu Suzuki answers a question on Christianity. And today marks the half-way point in reading through the most complete collection of them as presented on

12-30-14 - Remembering Myogen Steve Stuckey - That's a link to the SFZC memorial page for Steve and announcement of a memorial ceremony tonight and tomorrow for him.

12-31-14 - The first volume of the Selected Works of D. Suzuki, which is on Zen and edited by Richard Jaffee, was published by University of California Press in November.

Volume 2, which contains a selection of Suzuki's writings on Pure Land Buddhism, edited by James Dobbins, will be published in January.

- DC It's Galungan in Bali, a holiday of the victory of dharma over adharma or not-dharma. Only part I wanted to add something was when he talked about the weakness of the human spine which evolved from spines that were horizontal. SFZC Zen in America fundraising brochure for Tassajara which went out early?

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