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It could be a quirky news report or a fun fact related to something that happened on your date.Whatever it is, make sure it piques your date’s interest.One of the most important things that determines whether you had a good date or not is the conversation.

That’s not exactly how you want to start a relationship, is it?

If you want your date to go off without a hitch, you need to start preparing yourself.

What are the things that you’d like to know about the person you’re seeing? People are more likely to warm up to you when they’re given a chance to talk about themselves.

Remember them, and bring them up when you get the chance. If you’re not good at winging it during conversations, it’s best to have a list of questions you want to ask. [Read: 40 questions to ask your date to have a great conversation] #6 Follow up with another question if they don’t ask anything.

If you want to get to know your date better, you have to learn how to keep the conversation flowing.

Even people who can’t hear or speak know that they need to communicate in order to be understood, which is why they have their own language.Talking about hobbies and interests opens up the conversation to many possibilities. Traveling is a pleasant and safe topic that can lead the conversation in different directions.Whether you want to ask where your date has traveled to or where they want to go, talking about different locations is always interesting and insightful. Your online dating profile is a treasure trove of conversation starters. Tell them about your first day in college or how you and your siblings spend time together.First date conversations start out with the usual questions, such as, “How was your day? But what comes after the usual greetings and questions? No matter what you decide to open up about, make sure it’s positive and interesting or relevant to your date. When the opportunity presents itself, tell your date a funny story that they can relate to.Nothing’s more attractive than a person with a sense of humor. Make sure you have an interesting bit of information in your back pocket.Their experiences are different from yours, which means that you can share and learn from what they have been through.


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