Dns server reverse lookup not updating

We do not provide DNS hostnames for IPv6 addresses.

dns server reverse lookup not updating-47

Start by reading the CSV with the The Dns Server Power Shell module contains many other commands that allow administrators to do just about anything for DNS server management.

Build upon these commands to create a much bigger automation script to make changes to several DNS servers quickly without having to click through the management console to do the same thing.

For this article, we will use an Active Directory domain called mylab.local.

The mylab.local DNS zone already exists on the domain controller.

Important If you created your VPC before October 2016, the Amazon DNS server does not resolve private DNS hostnames if your VPC's IPv4 address range falls outside of the private IPv4 addresses ranges specified by RFC 1918.

If you want to enable the Amazon DNS server to resolve private DNS hostnames for these addresses, contact AWS Support.

For more information and recommendations for a scalable DNS architecture, see the Hybrid Cloud DNS Solutions for Amazon VPC whitepaper.

You can view the DNS hostnames for a running instance or a network interface using the Amazon EC2 console or the command line.

In Figure 2, we use the Get-Dns Server Resource Record cmdlet to query that DNS zone on the domain controller called DC.

Figure 2 shows that the cmdlet successfully retrieved DNS records from a DNS zone.

, queries to the Amazon provided DNS server at the IP address, or the reserved IP address at the base of the VPC IPv4 network range plus two will succeed. in a VPC created on the Your VPCs page of the VPC console or using the AWS CLI, API, or an AWS SDK.


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