mba and dating - List of dating applications on facebook

But on the bright side, this article will help you to login to Tinder without Facebook dependency using some simple steps within a few minutes, absolutely free of cost.Tinder was launched in 2012 and since then the app has gained a huge number of fans among smartphone users.It increases the authenticity of the profile, which is very much needed especially when you are using a dating application and going to meet an unknown person.

So with this new feature, you will be able to know what common aspects you share with each other and it will help to create a special bond between you two.

Well, there is no official way to use Tinder without Facebook, the giant social media platform.

Step 4: Now scroll to “Apps” section and then tap to see all of the apps you use on Facebook.

Step 5: Now you will notice Tinder on that app list.

Tinder without Facebook: Tinder is a very popular dating and social discovery application which allows communication between mutually interested people by enabling matched users to chat with each other.

However, the sad part is that there is no option to use Tinder without Facebook.You can maximise the privacy settings in your account by limiting all access to your photos to your friends only so that unwanted people can’t get a peek inside your personal moments.Also, you can check how much of your Facebook account Tinder can get access to by following the simple steps provided below.This will help you to use Tinder without Facebook dependency for sure.Must Check: If you don’t want to change your Facebook privacy settings and still limit Tinder’s access to your account, then another option you have is to create a new Facebook account solely for using Tinder.This customization option will also help you to attract your dream person through this application.


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