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Care4Calais - can you provide a refugee with a coat this winter?

The Care4Calais charity is calling for urgent assistance for thousands of vulnerable refugees sleeping rough in Northern France.

Vote now to save your pension The ballot to save the University Superannuation Scheme (USS) is now open and if you work in a university covered by USS you should receive your ballot paper in the post over the next few days.

The email below is from a company calling themselves National Settlement Services but is really part of an offshore scam trying to threaten people into paying them. What happens if this case file lends inside the court house?

************************************************************* From: “Michelle Jones” Cc: This is Victor Thompson from National Settlement Services One and we are working for Financial Crimes and Investigation a Division of Federal Bureau of Investigation. Now let me explain you in details what is this exactly all about: This is all about an internet payday loan which was borrowed by you from the company name National Settlement Services and within the stipulated time period given by the company you have not yet paid back to the company now the company wants their money back so that is the reason why company has filed a case against your name. National Settlement Services is parent payday loan companies who owes and operates about more than 350payday loan websites all over the US and you have taken a loan from one of the sub payday loan website from this company. Now at this moment once this case file gets inside the court house then there will be legal procedures on your name and a team of investigation with the cops will be there at your residence or at your work place and there will be harsh verifications.

Fraudsters will add legitimacy to the instruction by using logos/signatures for the genuine beneficiary and may compromise or copy email addresses.

You are called on your landline by your bank and told that fraudsters have used your debit or credit card and it needs to be replaced. You are told to key in your pin number and hand over your card to a courier who will arrive soon.

Hi there, This can easily be done by creating an email template in the Emails module and adding invoice/quote variables. But this I already did mudolo I'm using is this: All fields acccount and you put the module in the mail the module does not put me openqc match any field Sample: the red fields does not put me values $account_name $account_billing_address_street $account_billing_address_postalcode $account_billing_address_city; $account_scantec_clisldresp_c $account_scantec_cliacvendas_c Dear Sirs, This is to inform you that there are documents in current account already due and not paid as you can check in the extract that attach together.

You would then set an action to send an email via workflow with the required template.

The employers have yet to provide details of their own modelling which leaves us to believe that UUK's proposal to end guaranteed pension payments has been made without any consideration of the impact on staff.

Join the fightback - vote now to save your pension and share this short video on Facebook to encourage others to do the same.

However, between receiving the call and dialling your bank you didn't hear a dial tone and are actually still speaking to the scammers, who never disconnected the line.

This scam is driven by adware (software often unwittingly installed by the customer) and involves customers being prompted with a survey when visiting certain websites.

If the job is abroad, they will talk about arranging travel, accommodation and visas.


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