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It today's Times Higher Sally Hunt offers three ways to fix the worst offer from an employer in 20 years.

Analysis by independent experts First Actuarial shows staff stand to lose as much as £200,000 of their retirement income under the latest hardline proposals for USS.

Care4Calais - can you provide a refugee with a coat this winter?

Dating service email1

The survey may contain the name of the site and may look official, often offering a reward such as a 'free' gift.

Whilst some websites will legitimately perform customer service surveys, caution should be used whenever payment is requested for the delivery of the gift.

A job scam happens when a fraudster claims to be a recruitment agent, hiring you for a job (which can be in a foreign country).

Once you have received the job offer, the fraudsters will contact you about arrangements.

So at this moment we have checked your status on a National Checking database and we found you as a genuine person and you don’t have any criminal issues in your background, additionally your credit ratings are good at this moment.

Now at this moment we are having the list of 85 Defaulters in which you are listed with the overdue balance with the company so now the company wants their money back.

The email below is from a company calling themselves National Settlement Services but is really part of an offshore scam trying to threaten people into paying them. What happens if this case file lends inside the court house?

************************************************************* From: “Michelle Jones” Cc: This is Victor Thompson from National Settlement Services One and we are working for Financial Crimes and Investigation a Division of Federal Bureau of Investigation. Now let me explain you in details what is this exactly all about: This is all about an internet payday loan which was borrowed by you from the company name National Settlement Services and within the stipulated time period given by the company you have not yet paid back to the company now the company wants their money back so that is the reason why company has filed a case against your name. National Settlement Services is parent payday loan companies who owes and operates about more than 350payday loan websites all over the US and you have taken a loan from one of the sub payday loan website from this company. Now at this moment once this case file gets inside the court house then there will be legal procedures on your name and a team of investigation with the cops will be there at your residence or at your work place and there will be harsh verifications.

The employers have yet to provide details of their own modelling which leaves us to believe that UUK's proposal to end guaranteed pension payments has been made without any consideration of the impact on staff.


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