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For members who have not logged in for a while and have messages piled up in their inbox, we send them an email letting them know that they have lots of mail and we give them their username and password again just in case they forgot it.

We send members a weekly email showing new members in your area.

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As a result, if you send messages right after you join or often many hours after you joined, when the other member tries to view your profile it will usually say "Profile Pending Approval". Most other dating sites limit members to just 3 photos.

Members Only photos are your photos that you want only paying members to be able to see.

or block a member from being able to contact them in any way.

Your profile will not be visible when you are in a relationship if you suspend your profile.

With the "Power Match" service, the member selects the criteria of the kind of person they are looking for and they write an email that they would like to have sent.

We will then automatically send the email that they wrote to every person who matches their criteria.Those profile notes can only be seen by the member who wrote them.The notes can be used as a reminder of certain things about that other member, what they have told you or what you have told them or any other notes you wish to put on their profile as a reminder about them for your eyes only.We will soon allow members to text each other on their mobile phones anonymously without either member knowing the other's phone number, using our "Shadow Texting" feature. Using this feature, members can see each other live on their web cams and hear each other's voices.Most of our competitors do not even have text instant messaging chat or instant messaging chat of any kind.No other site in our category has this feature and very few dating site of any kind have this feature.


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