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As for a liturgical year, it is the product of an evolution that has undergone many reforms.In fact, the entire notion of seasons and a liturgical year was not a part of the nascent Church's lived experience.

A single friend who recently moved posted a note on her Facebook page: “Was trying out a new church on Sunday when the pastor announced that his November sermon series would be about marriage. People surrounded by their lovely families will immediately counter with some statement about the trials of marriage and sometimes a lecture on the blessings of being single. So many families and couples.” A single working mother in her late thirties, she noted: “I’m too old for Young Adult Ministries, too divorced for Married Ministries, too employed to meet during the day for Mommy Groups, and I have no free time available to volunteer.

‘Well, Scripture says “Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled.”’ Not the most welcoming way of putting it. I’ve been in conversations when a single friend mentioned the difficulties of being single and people who were normally caring blew them off or even laughed at them, as if they were teenagers fretting over an almost invisible blemish.

As Christians, we know that all time is a gift, given by God.

There is no profane time for a Christian because time has been transformed by the Paschal mystery; the Incarnation, Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection, Ascension and Coming Return of Jesus Christ.

The dynamics of parish life tend towards an imbalance between the married and the single.

The neglect of single people is a problem that needs a more systematic answer directed by our pastors.Hire a babysitter to watch your single friends’ children when they come.If they live in apartments, invite them to use your washer and dryer if they need to, and to use your home when you’re away. It’s not much, and you will gain more than you give.It’s a natural road to friendship and that keeps you from other roads to friendship with others.) A family is a blessing, and blessings are given us to be shared, although not in a “Hey, I’m being nice to these poor sad single people! Include single people in dinner parties and cookouts, or just have them on their own.Invite them over to watch a football game or to sit outside on a nice day. Break yourself of the habit (if you have it) of saying “We should have the Smiths and the Jones” because putting married couples together is the way you make your dinners work.The eternal entered into history and it, and we, are forever changed through His coming. Beginning the liturgical year on the first Sunday of Advent has not always been the custom.


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