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There are many combinations and some are pretty colourful.So let’s begin with the simplest ones.#1 Most foreigners struggle with how to pronounce Croatian words that begin with Strange, isn’t it? So to give the biggest thank you ever, you say.#4 You already know that Croatian family ties are very tight.Today the Croats are using exclusively the Latin Script.

So when someone does something grand for you, you can thank them by saying This way you are recognizing that a person did you a favour that only a family member is entitled to expect. We politely acknowledge your presence and your effort.

Like counting on them at any time.#5 Now imagine being in a pickle without close friends to help you. Like lending you the money to avoid losing your home. But in close relationships, thank yous tend to be taken for granted.

Or hooking you up with the best heart surgeon which actually saves your life. But you’ll cherish what they did for the rest of your life. For example, you will never hear a husband thanking his wife for cooking a meal.

Or a friend thanking another friend for taking the time to meet them. If you’re in it with me, I don’t need to thank you for it..

to a local, and in their own language, is one of the easiest holiday phrases you can learn.

But it is also a friendly gesture – a way of saying you want to be part of the Croatian conversation. Everything that derives from this basic Croatian is a minefield.

Let’s say you’re expecting to get paid for a job you did months ago. Without irony, of course.#10 As much as Croats aren’t bothered with getting profuse thank yous, there are moments when we feel gratitude is in order.

You employer keeps promising the money will be in your account. When the payment finally clears, you say: As if it wasn’t the employer who paid up. Remember the saying ‘a road to hell is paved with good intentions’? When we invest ourselves in a close friendship, we’d do anything for that person.

As if Friday wouldn’t have come on its own, without God’s help.

Of course, it’s only our own thinking that someone or something out there has more power than us.

When it’s time for her to take the leap, she makes up with the man. You say #11 Croats often do favours for each other and repay them with small or large gifts.

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