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In addition, aggregate data on compliance and enforcement activities by state are provided in the State Comparative Maps and Dashboards features. ECHO provides communities with important environmental enforcement and compliance information about regulated facilities.

ECHO integrates data specific to enforcement about facilities from six disparate database systems.

ICIS tracks formal civil administrative and judicial enforcement actions taken by the U. For more information on ECHO features, see the ECHO Tool Guide. It contains a list of facility names meeting your search criteria along with the number of inspections (5 years), quarters in noncompliance (3 years), and formal enforcement actions (5 years).

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Dating single law enforcement

Multimedia Compliance Data Search (All Data Search)Perform detailed compliance analyses for facilities regulated under the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and/or Safe Drinking Water Act.

Search options include facilities not previously inspected, facilities with multiple violations, facilities in a sector, and facilities matching geographic criteria. Single-program Compliance Data Search (Air, Drinking Water, Hazardous Waste, Water)Perform detailed compliance analyses for facilities regulated by one of the statutes listed above.

This report contains several embedded links that allow you to jump to additional detail: Facilities that have Clean Water Act permits can get a report from EPA's Envirofacts website that lists permit limits.

Additional detail about TRI reported releases also are available via links to Envirofacts. The EPA Enforcement Case Report provides more details about enforcement cases that EPA has taken.

Search options are similar to the multimedia search, but vary based on the statute; for example, users can search for facilities near impaired waters with the water program interface.4.

EPA Enforcement Cases Search Search for EPA enforcement case information from the Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS). Allows searches for any EPA enforcement case concluded after Sept. Searches can be performed based on a variety of criteria, including facility name, penalty amount, geographic location, and statute violated. The facility summary results report is the first screen you see after a facility search is run.

ECHO makes the data accessible online in an understandable and searchable format, with data from these systems provided in a comprehensive and organized way.

ECHO also allows users to sort and analyze data in many ways, according to their needs. Quick Search Find facility information from the home page Search Community box by entering a city, state, and/or zip code; or find facility information by facility name or ID number from the Explore Facilities box.

Data are available for large facilities and many smaller facilities.


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