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We don’t just make products, we craft brand solutions.

Every little detail is debated when developing our lines.

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We identify the challenges our retail and wholesale partners face and provide effective strategies and solutions to overcome those challenges.

While doing so, we don’t sacrifice quality to ensure that our adult consumers and trade partners always get the best we have to offer.

The development of the justice reform portfolio and the content of the projects reflect the evolving needs of support for justice sector institutions.

The list below includes selected World Bank justice projects and programs in Europe and Central Asia.

Selected Projects Justice Peer-Assisted Learning Network (JUST-PAL) The JUST-PAL network is envisaged to complement and expand World Bank, EC and partner-financed justice reform activities, and catalyze the formation of Communities of Practice for (i) Commercial Courts; (ii) Budgeting; (iii) Information Systems;(iv) Physical Infrastructure; and (v) Court Managers and Administrators.

It also aims at bringing together groups of such justice professionals via ‘real’ and virtual forums to share and disseminate reform experiences/methodologies/best practices and conduct peer reviews and self-assessments.

Our mission is to provide adult tobacco consumers with a diversified portfolio of high-quality brands at a fair price.

We build successful partnerships with our retail and wholesale customers while keeping responsibility and compliance at the forefront of everything we do. Entering the tobacco business in 2002 had its hurdles but for the four founding partners of Cheyenne, they knew that the industry had several needs.

The obvious things like quality, taste and profitability are standard contemplations, but we dive deeper to ensure that the products will fit consumer needs and deliver what wholesale and retail customers desire as well.

With our expert Manufacturing and Quality teams who are always striving for operational excellence, the result is a product that stands above the competition each and every time. Simply put, we consider them our partners rather than just another stop in the supply chain.

Our philosophies are built around four core pillars of excellence: Partnership, Quality, Compliance and Success.


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