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A format (or game plan) which has 3 stages, each with 3 phases. Mental tools to get you from phase to phase (isolation tactics, kiss tactics, extraction tactics, etc). Scripts and personality conveying material (content) to fill in each of the 9 phases. There are two pathways to Identity Creation: Crafting a completely novel identity that is so unlike yourself no one would recognize you can be done, but it’s difficult, particularly at the beginning before you’ve built up the mental muscles that will internalize your new identity and enable you to express it congruently.

The ugliest, fattest, weirdest, gooniest LSMV losers adopt the SJW identity to raise their own status and knock down the status of their betters.

These degenerate freaks on their own would go to the grave incel, but with a Tumblrrea and a passion for poopytalk the Crouching Manlet Hidden Dildo sees in the SJW identity a chance — the slimmest possible (but still better than zero) — to get a drunken pity fuck from a bluehair fatty before his dick stops working from cheeto-clogged arteries.

All black outfits, slim fitting pullovers, sneakers for that high-low style contrast, a lethally steady gaze.

Related: Persona contests are the new medium for status whoring.

Women imagine that men possessing powerful identities live in a more exciting world than the plebes — a secret society, to borrow a PUA term — and as is the wont of women they desire badly what they think is being denied them. As an outer game strategy, your identity — aka your core personality — is communicated via style, behavior, attitude, and body language.

The better you can convey your identity, the more women will autonomically moisten in your presence. and I share in common: we each possess a strong identity. ” […] So this is what you must now do to improve your game: 1.

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It wasn’t half-bad by the standards of his usual sackless oeuvre, but the best thing about the movie — a quasi-parody of indie flics disguised as a romcom — was its exploration of the Game concept of Identity Creation.

In this way, the movie is actually a hidden gem of masculine awareness.

Cera’s character is a hapless beta male with oneitis who creates an alter ego of himself as a suave, smooth-talking, slightly douchey badboy.

The girl, naturally, falls for the new and improved Michael Shitlord.

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