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If the abandoned boat has a registration number, temporary decal number or other identifying indicia, evidencing that the boat is registered in another state, the Commission will notify the other state and ask it to notify the boat’s last registrant by certified mail that someone desires to register the boat in his name.The other state’s notice shall provide that if ownership is not claimed and the boat removed within 30 days, the Commission may, upon proper application and payment of fees, register the boat in the name of the person desiring to register it.

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(C) Proof that a notice was published in a newspaper as required by paragraph (4).

(ii) In cases involving boats registered in other states, the Commission may extend the 60-day period described in paragraph (5) to 180 days.

(C) Inform the registrant of his right to reclaim the boat within 30 days after the date of the notice upon payment of all registration fees and other applicable charges.

(D) State that failure of the registrant to reclaim the boat is deemed consent to the registration of the abandoned boat in the name of the requester with dissolution of all interests of the prior registrant.

(6) Upon receipt of the required materials and the payment of fees required by law, the Commission will register the boat in the name of the applicant. A person finding a boat abandoned on public property or waters—that is, property or waters under the ownership or control of the Commonwealth, its agencies and political subdivisions—shall notify the Commission of the description and location of the boat as well as the date on which it was found.

A person may notify the Commission by completing form PFBC-R3, ‘‘ Notice of Abandoned Boat Found on Commonwealth Waters’’ and mailing the form to the Commission. § 7302 (relating to certification of authorization).

A person finding a boat abandoned on lands or waters under the jurisdiction or control of the United States Government should contact the Federal agency with jurisdiction over the lands and waters and follow applicable Federal regulations. § 1337 (relating to use of ‘‘ Miscellaneous Motor Vehicle Business’’ registration plates), and holds a current, valid certificate of authorization issued by the Department of Transportation under 75 Pa. (2) Any salvor taking possession of a boat under this section shall notify the Commission in writing within 48 hours after taking possession.

(1) The Commission may take possession of a boat abandoned on public property or waters or may authorize a salvor to take possession provided the salvor complies with these provisions, is a vehicle salvage dealer as defined in 75 Pa. (3) The Commission, after taking possession of an abandoned boat or after receiving notice that a salvor has taken possession of an abandoned boat, shall notify by certified mail, return receipt requested the last known registrant of the boat.

(4) Regardless of whether the abandoned boat has a hull identification number, registration number, temporary decal number or other identifying indicia, the person desiring to register the boat in his name shall place a notice in a newspaper of general circulation published in the county where the boat is located for 3 consecutive days.

The notice shall describe the boat, its location, the date it was abandoned and any identifying number.

It is the policy of the Commission to register these boats only if the applicant demonstrates ownership by taking the steps described in this section and complies with other applicable law and regulations. Subject to the following, a landowner, his lessee or his agent may register a boat that has been abandoned on his land or the waters immediately adjacent to his land for at least 3 months.

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