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The reason became apparent when Pace started talking about Koresh. The Branch Davidians had begun as an offshoot of the Seventh-day Adventists. He learned of the Branch Davidians in the 1960s through their literature, and he moved to the United States to pursue the faith in 1966. Pace, a sect member since the 1970s, said he confronted Koresh after hearing him preach in 1984. A lot of information has come out since then." We pulled into the park and sat at a table with a fine view of the Brazos River. Through much of the 1970s, the Branch Davidians lived quietly in the Central Texas countryside, led by an older woman named Lois Roden. The fact that he had memorized so much of the Bible? "She made her own choice based on her Bible studies." "But Clive, she was 18," I said.

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Clive Doyle is a pleasant-looking man of 72, with wavy graying hair. He wore a leather jacket on the chilly recent afternoon when we spent more than an hour together at a picnic table in a Waco park.

He was soft-spoken, articulate and seemingly very sane.

They also built and maintain the memorials and engage in organic farming.

Pace's group doesn't have much to do with Clive Doyle and the other survivors.

and that they then lied about their conduct." In 1999, a magazine poll showed that 61 percent of the American public believed the government had started the fires. "What is remarkable is the overwhelming evidence exonerating the government from the charges made against it, and the lack of any real evidence to support charges of bad acts. In the face of such a calamity, we have a need to affix blame.

Things like this just can't happen; they must be the government's fault.Samuel Henry was one, a middle-aged carpenter in Manchester, England, who lost his family to the cult, one by one. " Diana Henry, two sisters and two brothers all ended up with Koresh in Texas.Koresh, the guitar-playing Yank with shoulder-length hair and a dense interpretation of the Book of Revelation, was rejected by most on his international recruiting trips. "You've got to be joking," Samuel Henry cried when his wife, Zilla, announced that she was following her children. Let's pray about this." "It's too late," Zilla told him in 1990.Doyle has had two decades to reflect on these things, and clearly he has. Thus one of the most tragic and bizarre episodes of American history remains just that. The assault on what was known as Mount Carmel followed a long federal investigation into Koresh's growing arsenal.Local social services agencies had also looked into reports that the leader was having sex with underage girls who were part of the community."He was the kind of guy who could get in your face and challenge you with Scripture," he said. "To this day, people like Clive Doyle don't like me," Pace said. We had been taught that God would lead his people through prophets. "We don't fall for every one who comes along," Doyle continued. You listened to what he had to say and either you were impressed or you weren't. "It's hard to go back and pinpoint what words he used or what day it was. But it was definitely a strong conviction that he had something and it probably had something to do with Lois turning over the pulpit to him." What about the sex? They will get on me about the women, but many of the same people that hate me, throw all these statements around about me, are having one-night stands with their secretaries.'" Koresh had long preached that flames were a way to heaven, a fulfillment of prophecy.

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