Taylor lautner is dating lily collins

“He’s a really deep person, and he has supported her amazingly.

"It's a great story, it's a great character, there are a lot of great characters, there's a lot of action, it's fun," Lautner said after debuting the "Abduction" trailer on MTV.

"Also, I knew it was going to be challenging, so I was looking forward to that." Check out everything we've got on "Abduction." For young Hollywood news, fashion and "Twilight" updates around the clock, visit Hollywood Crush.

It was totally fine." Recently, Collins spoke to MTV News about her "Twilight"-hunk co-star and had nothing but praise for the 19-year-old actor. Whenever [my character] Nathan crumbles, she has to always be there to support him.

She even teased that, while he's not as shirtless in this film as he is in "The Twilight Saga," there are definitely "some steamy moments in the movie." She added: "There is romance, but it's also partners-in-crime, we're going through everything together." Lautner said that while the two were relative strangers when they began shooting the action film, Collins became his rock onscreen. I had met her a couples times, but she blew me away. And she was." So what was it like to play someone other than Jacob Black?

This time, Zac Efron, an American actor became her boyfriend. Their relationship started in 2012 and ended in 2013. Lily became a friend with the British actor Jamie Campbell Bower by the end of 2012 and their friendship turned into a love affair the following year.

Maybe the fortune wasn’t on her side, or the relationship wasn’t that perfect. Both of them were serious about their relationship.Taylor Lautner has an addiction: Dating his movie co-stars.No, seriously — four of his past seven relationships stemmed from on-screen chemistry becoming real-life romance!Her first relationship failed with their separation in 2010.A new relationship started with her second breakup.after he broke off his engagement to Ginny Weasley.


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