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When those didn’t pan out, he moved to Hollywood and worked his way up from the agency mailroom.

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According to one close former colleague, Trawick is so easy going, he never even raises his voice.

Trawick grew up on Long Island, with dreams of becoming a professional hockey player.

Us Weekly landed a scoop that Britney was getting cold feet, that she no longer thought of Trawick as husband material.

A source inside the Britney world talked to People and tried to swat away these rumors.

Nevertheless, she’s poised to debut as a judge on The X Factor this week, and sources say that Trawick was key in convincing her to accept a $15 million, one-year contract to join the Simon Cowell singing Olympics.

During audition rounds, gossip sites were salivating at reports that Spears frequently had to abandon her judge’s perch for a break—it became part of the hype of the show—and, according to one TV source, Trawick was always waiting in the wings.

(The court records on her health have remained sealed.) His former colleagues can’t recall exactly when or how Trawick’s working relationship with Spears turned into a romance, but once she became his girlfriend, she would occasionally visit the office.“You see clients there all the time,” says a source that used to work at the agency.

“But when she came in, it was like, ohmygod, Britney Spears is here!

In April a court appointed Trawick as the co-conservator, a situation that arises when a court decides a person “can’t adequately provide food, clothing, and shelter” for herself, says Meg Lodise, a partner at a Los Angeles law firm specializing in conservatorships.


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