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He limped into town in the middle of the night, beaten and bitter. Or when a used car salesman tries to sell you a hoopty hidden under a coat of fresh paint. His tongue pierces and his eyes burn, and he knows when to turn it on. So it was recently that I’d received a text from the drifter, the rolling stone, late in the night as I slept lightly, listening to the clacking of naked tree branches violently snapping against one another just outside my window during a windstorm. He’s at it again, reeling about the bigotry and arrogance of the GOP, of Boehner and Ryan and other tea-type tarts. Kill two birds – meet him for a drink forget all about the maniacal religious who light up shopping malls with bullets & bombs in the name of their God, or maybe I’d rather expel the image of that dog, chained to a fence, left in the bitter cold.

He’s the kind of mouth and muscle you need in Little Italy, New York, in December when some sour grifter attempts to fleece you for the cost of a cheap “I (Heart) New York” sweater. 6 PM, FOLLOWING DAY: Al Sharpton goes off like a grandfather clock, booming and bellowing about 20 yards away from my desk at the other end of this studio in Rock Center. All the while his fat owner sits naked on a soiled recliner, ignoring the whimper coming from outside. Yes, the wire was foul, and I needed to take my mind off it, at least for a night.


My grandfather chose to raise me understanding his ways and his spirit. I wasnt taught much about it growing up and am just now starting to delve into the histpry of the people I am a part of. And hey if I can meet a fine looking man along the way, I am totally cool with that Pave Shev to all! I am Cheyenne and Cherokee on my mothers side, and Italian/Dutch/Montauk on my fathers side.

By the way - I am a women's traditional cloth dancer and both of my daughters are Butterfly dancers. Be strong in everything that I do strive to achieve the best...hard a mans fruit is in its labor.woodlands love them always.will sustain our hearts..of all do not forget who u r and where u come from..............pamelawell, thats kind of how i feel. My great uncle was Wolfrobe of the Cheyenne nation,(still havent figured out if it was paternal or maternal, he had six wives!

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I am inviting all of my brothers and sisters to step up to the mic and introduce yourselves to the entire POF family and tell everyone here who you are and what great nation you are from. I am a very proud Ojibway man, originally from the Saugeen rez here in Ontario. Tsi tsalagiyep im 5/8ths cherokee, my great great grandmother pounded our native language into me young, and NOW i can't hardly remember it, just like spanish, throughout college i was fluent, 5 years after the fact, I cant even order at Taco Bell.

(I have actually met 2 from my lineage at various pow wows and they understood me- it was a big rush!! If anyone would like to talk to me or make a new friend - I am here and anxious to meet you.

Living in Alabama - you probably know I am very isolated. I myself am 3/4 Native..I am very fair and blue eyed, go figure, and yes I am status as well. I am very proud of my heritage though, Cherokee-Cree.

I hope not to dishonor anyone since I am only 1/4 native indian blood. Our tribe was known as wearing the "horns of power" and "black face" .

My grandfather was a proud sheshaskewan...practiced strong medicine. I do not know much more because our council is gone and very few come from my lineage..people are somehow wiped out and not documented acccept by words from a few....

On such sites anyone is permitted to join who has an interest in aboriginal dating whether they are status or blood quatum qualified or not.

Such dating sites defeat the purpose of reuniting native people with native mates.

The need for such a web site has been in existance since laws have been in effect which are designed to define who has native rights.


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  2. There are great things, bad things, and crazy things said about love.

  3. There are also OBEs for comedian David Walliams, 45, Happy Valley actress Sarah Lancashire, 52, and Miranda star Patricia Hodge, 70.

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