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Rob has a mustache, smokes a pipe; he's kind but a little stuffy. Sam takes some business cards out of his shirt pocket and reads them off.

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Sam stands alone by a window that looks into the backyard.

KITCHEN - DUSK As they set down the packing boxes and Seth starts to assemble them. you're too narcissistic to commit to another human being in a long- term way. A number of friends and relatives talk quietly in the living room beyond.

WALTER The short one with black hair is your cousin Irene -- ANNIE -- who's married to -- WALTER Harold, who ran away with his secretary but came back -- ANNIE -- because Irene threatened to put the dog to sleep if he didn't -- WALTER And your brother Tom is a psychology professor and is married to... Annie's mother BARBARA, a beautiful gray-haired, fantastically cheerful woman, claps her hands together.

Annie has an announcement -- ANNIE Walter and I are engaged! Annie's family is a completely normally-looking WASP family -- only everyone is a little eccentric.

ANNIE You turn it on, you open it and you stand in front of it for a very long time.

CUT TO: SAM'S OFFICE - DAY A large modern architectural firm in a Chicago high- rise. A large space with several architects consulting, drafting, etc. ROB Young man, it's none of my business, but maybe you should talk to someone.

And coming down walkway L is Annie with Laurie and a couple of FRIENDS from the paper, JUDITH and DIANE. ANNIE The next time you see me I am going to be incredibly happy. PLANE - NIGHT Sam and Jonah sitting together as the plane waits on the runway.

Coming down walkway K are Sam, Jonah, Suzy, Greg, their son MACK, and several other friends.

Take a few weeks off, get some sun, take Jonah fishing -- SAM (shaking his head no) A real change. Someplace where every time I go around a corner I don't think of Maggie. WRIGLEY FIELD - DAY Sam, Jonah and Maggie walking toward the field.

Annie is blowing her nose as she finishes telling her tale of woe to her boss, LAURIE JOHNSON. Annie pulls a teabag out of her pocket, puts it into the water.

SAM'S CHICAGO TOWN HOUSE - DAY An attractive, thirtyish couple, SUZY and GREG are stocking Sam's freezer with enough Ziploc meals for a months.

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