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If your thyroid is under active, it could be you need the amino acid tyrosine, a lack of this causes the thyroid to slow down. For instance one woman was using only 30mg/day, feeling better but still had severe PMS and cravings 3 days before her period.

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Progesterone has been used safely since the late 40's by countless medical practitioners for their patients. I have tried the cream for one week and although quite athletic (5-8 miles race walking and hill climbing) I could not catch my breath. sweating, pounding heart, tightness of the throat, feeling winded. Not only did they all report spontaneously that their symptoms always occurred before menstruation, but it was also noticed that they were well during pregnancy, although they all had severe symptoms immediately after pregnancy. They are good ones and often raised by people new to progesterone therapy. All of my levels were low, along with estrogen dominance. My doctor raised the progesterone from 75 mg to 100mg and a 35mg pill to take at night, while leaving all the others the same.

My throat felt thick, as well as my tongue and my heart pounded. The cautions say you should not take if you are asthmatic along with a host of other things. Intramuscular progesterone is the most effective treatment for PMS, so it should be the first choice for those at risk of severe premenstrual symptoms, such as asthma, suicide, assault, or alcoholic bouts, or those at risk of a prison sentence following recurrent conflicts with the law." Take care, Wray Hello and help please. (c) this is all new so do any of you out there know of any great sites I can look at as I didn't realise I was even close to this time of my life and don't really know anything about all this in its 1st stage. Now 2 years later and still no weight loss all my levels came up normal except for progesterone, which is actually a bit worse. It's been 4 days, and I feel so angry all day, and sad as well. I had previously read that progesterone is the "happy" hormone and thought I should be feeling better with each day.

You would have to use it 5 times a day, costly too.

1tsp of Natpro will give you ±170mg progesterone, 3ml (0.6 tsp) will give you 100mg.

My progesterone I have just found is down and I need to take it in troche form... Although I gained a better understanding here, can you give me any more advice given my results and new dosage?

My 50 pound weight gain is hideous, and I am so desperate to start losing. I'm a bit confused when you say your doctor 'left all the others the same', what others?

It's far better to get rid of adverse symptoms quickly than to suffer from them.

Excess progesterone suppresses cortisol, testosterone and oestrogen, as will any one of these hormones if in excess suppress progesterone.

The cream can be applied anywhere, as the skin comprises 95% kerotinocytes, these have many receptor sites for progesterone, even hair follicles absorb it well.

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