Adult chat and one night stand freewith matures the veronicas dating

Before anyone starts to wonder, yes a few nights back I had such an encounter.

Now in my years of being a healthy s*xually mature and active adult, I have always conducted this "exercise" within a relationship, but since I haven't been in one for a while, and since I am a healthy, s*xually mature adult, I required some, umm..

Like I said in another thread, the Arabs don't let oil go for free and men shouldn't let their precious liquids go for free either.. All in all I find it all sick and messed up but to each his own. Is Qatar so boring as to warrant such an over the top response to something that happens evrywhere to everyone at some time - everyday?

Adult chat and one night stand freewith matures-65

HA HA Mis-Cat and all he has to do is open his pocket book, open his Ferarri door, or go to the next town..........

We used to have a motto, why pay for what you can get for free.... The men have fooled the women into believing they are actually liberated for giving something up for free that a guy before had to either offer some compensation for, time, money, feigned interest, Happy Meal, Roller Coaster ride, Prom Date. Come bring an argument, not insults, weak ones at that. There is nothing to debate in them its just foolishness, if I wanted more foolishness I would go here Ah kiss and tell, don't you ladies complain about that, then do it yourselves eh?

If he did not again in the immortal words of NELSON HA HA. Truth to Fact 1 - If a women fails to make the grade in bed, a guy will tell his mates but that won't stop his mates from wanting to ride the pony.

Calling on that night does not equate to worry or care. Truth to Fact 2 - If a guy fails to make the grade in bed a girl will tell her friends and his barred for life. He said they were smarter and deserved more respect than someone who just gives it up for free...

duh..., and I have no idea how to react, or what to do.

So I got dressed and left, well more like ran from his place;-0 again, seriously, what is a girl to do?

-- Riley Freeman Wether it be with a wife, hooker orwhatever.

If a woman wants a hassle free fun time, then who are we to judge, cos i bet none of us are perfect are we ?

And whether his goal was to take advantage of her in some way.... Played those games as a youngster and then realized that these women are people's daughters, sisters, aunts, mothers...

Game recognizes game and you're looking kinda unfamiliar right now... And I wouldn't like it if people were taking advantage of my family like I was to these others people's family....

To the original poster has the guy called again after that night. Gypsy had a point but I think it was lost between her taking my posts personal and lobbing insults at my wife. Bring something As I was on the READ MODE the entire day today ;-) though I wanna butt in and join the discussion, workload beckoned stronger so to speak...hehehehehe And since this thread would go on longer than everyone expects...let's see where this one leads to...

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