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We DO NOT give "possible" dates or dates with a plus or minus factor!

While crossdating is the central principle in dendrochronology, cognitive classification is the central concept of (successful) crossdating. Tree-ring scientists rely heavily on visual inspection and microscopic examination of wood specimens so that we can ensure that we have assigned the correct calendar (or relative) year to the tree ring.

Example: dating the growth suppressions left in tree rings from western spruce budworm outbreaks in the past.

Example: dating the tree rings of a beam from a ruin in the American Southwest to determine when it was built.

The science that uses tree rings to study present climate and reconstruct past climate.

I'm sure, over time, we may find that one or more principles below are not really needed or that new principles need to be introduced. This principle was most applied to reconstructions of past climate, assuming that the climate response seen in trees during modern times was the same as the climate response in trees during previous times.

Study after study has now shown this not to be the case.

Example: analyzing ring widths of trees to determine how much rainfall fell per year long before weather records were kept.

The science that uses tree rings to study factors that affect the earth's ecosystems.

Example: dating the fire scars left in tree rings to determine how often fires occurred in the past.

The science that uses tree rings to date and study the past dynamics of insect populations.

An auger-like instrument with a hollow shaft that is screwed into the trunk of a tree, and from which an increment core (or tree core) is extracted using an extractor (a long spoon inserted into the shaft that pulls out the tree core).

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