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Yet I know that she is destined for failure, and that Adam Lambert is going to win.

Certainly he is better than some of the other male contestants. Anoop can actually sing but happens to have come to the show at a time it trends towards rock and not so much to the boyband type singers of yore.

Kara Dio Guardi and Randy Jackson liked the fun song choice, but weren't sure it really showed off anything new in Sarver's vocal chops or range, and Simon Cowell complained that he couldn't understand the words.

Danny Gokey makes my vagina retract inward in horror. Since I know Adam Lambert is going to win, I have started trying to get used to it.

I think he just embodies several things that evoke strong reactions in me: Los Angeles 80s hair metal, musical theater showmanship, My Space hair, cabaret, guyliner.

My roommate Jess thinks I am just mad because he has my last name, and will soon become the most famous Lambert since Christopher Lambert, the Highlander. If there's anything that can make me like Adam Lambert, it's knowing that he starred in the musical version of The Ten Commandments as Joshua opposite Val Kilmer as Moses.

KELLR released his debut single “Faded” featuring American Idol top 5 artist Matt Giraud January 2017 and is best known for his official remixes for Wyclef Jean and Usher.

Take a listen to “Faded” ​below and stay tuned for more from KELLR ​including his debut EP, Hear ​ My Voice!

Country nights on [url id="/news/topics/a/american_idol/"]"American Idol"[/url] are often the great equalizer.

His forethcoming “Vibrant” EP will be released spring 2018.

New York, NY – Producer / engineer KELLR ​released his brand new single “Faded” ​featuring Matt Giraud ​(American Idol Season 8) and July 3-0 ​(The A’z).

Teenager Allison Iraheta is known for her rocking vocals, but she easily adapted her preternaturally mature voice to Patty Loveless' "Blame It on Your Heart," tossing some twang into her gritty tone.

"I am starting to think you could sing the alphabet and sing it well," Kara said, praising Iraheta for bringing her unique spin to the song.

We have given several talks at local Rotarys that we feel went really well. What's weird is that I love Drag Race for all the reasons I find Idol embarrassing.

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