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" John: "Well, originally I pointed out that fact in reference to England.

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'I thought I might need a gorilla suit,' he said; he seemed sad about it. I thought I might pop it on in the summer and drive round in the Ferrari.

We were all going to get them and drive round in them but I was the only one who did.

The fans are still at the gates but The Beatles see only each other. Ringo and his wife, Maureen, may drop in on John and Cyn; John may drop in on Ringo; George and Pattie may drop in on John and Cyn and they might all go round to Ringo's, by car of course. They watch films, they play rowdy games of Buccaneer; they watch television till it goes off, often playing records at the same time.

They while away the small hours of the morning making mad tapes. 'We've never had time before to do anything but just be Beatles,' John Lennon said. He still peers down his nose, arrogant as an eagle, although contact lenses have righted the short sight that originally caused the _expression.

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They all tick over in the public esteem-she in Buckingham Palace, they in the Weybridge-Esher area. The Weybridge community consists of the three married Beatles; they live there among the wooded hills and the stockbrokers.

They have not worked since Christmas and their existence is secluded and curiously timeless. ' John Lennon asks with interest when you ring up with news from outside.

It's them twisting it that ruins it for me.' He is reading extensively about religion.

He shops in lightning swoops on Asprey's these days and there is some fine wine in his cellar, but he is still quite unselfconscious.

I've been thinking about it and if I didn't wear the head it would make an amazing fur coat-with legs, you see.


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