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Two teams claim credit for the discovery of Haumea.

Several ellipsoid-model calculations of Haumea's dimensions have been made.

The first model produced after Haumea's discovery was calculated from ground-based observations of Haumea's light curve at optical wavelengths: it provided a total length of 1,960 to 2,500 km and a visual albedo (p These independent size estimates overlap at an average geometric mean diameter of roughly 1,400 km.

a body rotating as rapidly as Haumea will have been distorted into the equilibrium form of a triaxial ellipsoid.

It is thought that most of the fluctuation in Haumea's brightness is caused not by local differences in albedo but by the alternation of the side view and end view as seen from Earth.

The size of a Solar System object can be deduced from its optical magnitude, its distance, and its albedo.

Objects appear bright to Earth observers either because they are large or because they are highly reflective.While most rotating bodies in equilibrium are flattened into oblate spheroids, Haumea rotates so quickly that it is distorted into a triaxial ellipsoid.If Haumea were to rotate much more rapidly, it would distort itself into a dumbbell shape and split in two.Such considerations constrained its density to a range of 2.6–3.3 g/cm.Haumea's possible high density covered the values for silicate minerals such as olivine and pyroxene, which make up many of the rocky objects in the Solar System.Haumea was initially listed as a classical Kuiper belt object in 2006 by the Minor Planet Center, but no longer.


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