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This is a mobile application that allows searching people ready to meet and communicate at a certain distance from the user. At this stage, you may be interested in what makes the dating app like Tinder so in-demand.

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However, it uses these credentials to create a new account within the application.

This function is implemented via the client-server sides of the application.

In Tinder users can chat with each other only when they have mutual likes. As a rule, this function is implemented via the RESTful API or through HTTP.

Permanent socket connections are not involved in order not to overload the server.

For i OS app refer to APN (Apple Push Notifications).

Along with usual settings described above you can adjust Tinder-specific settings, like enable / disable discovery so that the others could or could not find you, choose to show men, women, or both, specify the search distance and the age range of the users to be found. Without it, the app would be useless since it is all about finding people near you.

The event is considered to be a fact that a user is trying to follow the link.

As any other app, Tinder allows adjusting the appropriate setting for the convenience of usage.

Today we hardly use such means of communication due to the abundance of electronic communication tools.

Not only do we prefer to communicate with their help but actively strike up acquaintances by sending cyber 'winks' and 'likes'.

The server generates the link and shows the photo to everyone who clicks it.

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