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May the Lord be with both of you as your courtship reveals His will for your lives.We've noticed that your profile is marked as hidden.

It is colorful, raucous and joyful, especially the variety shows. KARAOKE Not all, but most Filipinas love to sing or watch their friends sing karaoke. It is incredibly charming to hear them croon their favorite songs in their unique dialect.

The Filipinas will sing along and even dance with the stars on the screen. One moment they are quietly sitting on a couch and the next minute they are expertly belting out tunes that make their hearts full of happiness. THE MALL Several hours at one of the malls in the Philippines is a fun way to spend a day.

Always support her even if there are some theological differences between you. This is the foundation of your love together so it is critical you bond here. But, it is vital to winning the heart of the Filipina woman.

I wish you the best in all that you do to build steps of honor and appreciation for the lady you may love forever.

They get bored through long dramas and they many times do not understand the humor from different countries like the U. So, take them to a movie where there is a lot of action, suspense, scary scene, tae kwon do or karate and they will be smiling. TELEVISION Filipinas love to watch television for a variety of reasons.

It is escapist entertainment from financial problems, that dominate their personal and cultural lives.If you criticize them she will not only be irritated or angry, she will see that as a sign of disrespect towards her. This also may include her aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces and grandparents. Treat her family to dinner, especially her parents and siblings. Remember, you will not be marrying a Filipina alone; you will be marrying her family too.You don’t have to like every one of her friends, but always let her know how you appreciate their importance in her life. The more you get to know them and honor them, the more she will love you and trust you.Throw in some cartons of fruit juices and you will make her really smile!THAI MASSAGE Want to make your beautiful lady feel special?HER FAITH The majority of Filipinas are Catholics, though many other denominations are growing quickly in numbers. Show her you respect her faith and love for Jesus Christ.

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