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But when I come through JFK, the covers of those magazines all have actors.’ He thought American record companies were snobbish, and they weren’t into pop music because they were too cool for school. “Girls were able to see themselves as the authors of culture,” explains Gayle Wald, professor of English and American Studies at George Washington University. The show became this really fun excuse for them to display their consumer power.” While the show ostensibly revolved around the music-video countdown — You Tube was still years away — the real reason to tune in quickly became the dizzying, empowering spectacle of the female fans themselves.“The second week,” says Kusbit, “a girl showed up outside with a sign that says, ‘Hey Carson, Let Me Up.’ The third week, there were 30 kids out there.” At a company meeting at Gurney’s Inn in Montauk, Kusbit and co-creator Tony Di Santo presented a new idea to their bosses.

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And the existential dilemma regarding music videos that nagged at MTV execs in the ’90s seems quaint today, as millennials have all but abandoned or ignored the network’s programming during the past decade.

Seemingly out of ideas, MTV has opted to hit the rewind button, dialing up a new version of NBC’s gross-out game show , now largely absent videos and requests, but still with bracingly upbeat hosts, a vista of Times Square, and teens who squeal on cue.

We are a call to all,pay head the squalland turn your sail toward home! Unfortunately for him, he’s got Javier Bardem’s Captain Salazar on his case, another seafaring wrong’un our hero has managed to upset.

Just when you thought the Pirates Of The Caribbean saga might be getting a *teensy bit* tired, Disney goes and drops a new trailer for the fifth film, and there are actual ZOMBIE SHARKS in it. The new film sees good old Captain Jack back in swashbuckling action and on the hunt for another bit of mythical gubbins, the legendary Trident of Poseidon.

“The heels versus the baby faces.” R&B and hip-hop stars also figured prominently, albeit rarely collecting the most votes from the predominantly white viewership. In 1999, at the zenith of the teen-pop boom, the show averaged 853,000 viewers, according to Nielsen, and helped establish tween and teen girls as not just a flush consumer group, but one whose aesthetic choices had just as much value and integrity as their broseph counterparts (this came to be called “poptimism” in music-critic circles).

And via its windowed stage set, sold a vision of a G-rated Times Square that brought middle-American parents and their BSB-adoring kids on pilgrimages to the MTV studio.

Barry Weiss, then president of Jive, recalls Calder coming back to the New York office after one his many jaunts abroad. ” ’s first-ever countdown, the show’s cultural identity would be permanently forged, when Backstreet’s “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” and ‘N Sync’s “Tearin’ Up My Heart” came in at Nos. “MTV had to play the video because the fans wanted it,” says Backstreet’s AJ Mc Lean, recalling that the network barely aired their earlier video “Quit Playing Games With My Heart.” “A bunch of guys in linen shirts dancing in the rain showing off their abs? 1 were “retired,” in order to allow other acts, and their fan armies, to taste victory.

“He said, ‘When I was at the airport in Geneva, the teen magazines all have boy bands and pop stars on the cover. Those young female devotees — daughters of Beatlemaniacs, future moms to Beliebers — became the heart (there’s that word again) of .

Where typically a couple hundred kids might amass after school on the sidewalks, “5,000 kids showed up. We couldn’t have gone down to the street if we wanted to. And after his appearance — and it was an unnerving appearance — I looked at his drawing.

It was terrifying, and in bold letters he’d written, ‘I offer you my decrepit soul.’” Scenes of pandemonium became commonplace, but Healy says that few guests could remain unaffected by the intensity of the moment. I was like, dude, Marshall is crying.” wasn’t all fidelity-pledging boy bands and bubblegum ingenues proffering impeccably written and produced Max Martin songs (would that it were).

In fact, Korn had four videos “retired” from , and Limp Bizkit six.


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