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Five mammoth molars, four pieces of tusk and one bone fragment found in different parts of Estonia were radiocarbon dated using the AMS method. These remains originate most likely from an ice-free period during the Early Weichselian or early Middle Weichselian.

The molar from Mooste, southeast Estonia was dated at 31,000 BP, and seems thus to belong to the same faunal complex as several other previously dated mammoth specimens recovered in Finland and other Nordic countries.

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We identified recent gene flow between Europeans and Asians in most populations we studied, including East Asians and Northwestern Europeans, which are normally considered to be non-admixed populations.

In addition we quantitatively estimated the extent of this gene flow using two statistical approaches, and dated admixture events based on admixture linkage disequilibrium.

Their passion for colours, gold, silver and gems is most likely the legacy of the East, and might never be fully understood by Westerners.

Another essential part of the wardrobe of Slavic women, which is also likely to never be accepted and understood in the West, is fur, much appreciated by them, which is simply due to the weather conditions in most parts of their countries.

This gives them an extreme femininity and, consequently, makes them very feminine and attractive to men.

While Western women often accuse Russian women of poor taste when it comes to fashion, the latter keep and cherish their love for bright coloured clothes.

All this mix has boiled in Slavic countries for centuries, and here is the result, a lovely combination of the East and the West: high cheekbones and round face, softness of lines, light skin, green or blue or gray eyes, and light or dark brown hair.


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