Miss seek men

She does not regard how she does get her money as prostitution.

Except for her best friend who introduced her to the lifestyle four years ago, and her sister, no one knows Darby meets men in exchange for money.

Her roommates, parents and a former boyfriend all believe her on-campus job provides enough money to pay the bills.

While she typically has one Sugar Daddy at a time, there have been months where she's had two. "There have been a couple times where I’ve had, like, two official Sugar Daddies at a time, keeping my options open," she said.

"These type of arrangements, a lot of the time, are very short term.

Students who sign up with a school email address get a premium account for free while Sugar Daddies pay a $79 monthly fee.

It has 2.25 million female Sugar Babies registered and 485,000 Sugar Daddies.

Then, a man in Pennsylvania contacted her and asked her to meet him for dinner.

“Of course, he paid for everything, but I drove to Pennsylvania, and we met at a nice restaurant,” she said.

If I feel like the arrangement is kind of tapering off, I want to be able to have something set up so I don’t lose that currency, I don't lose that income."Darby said she plans to keep using the site and graduate from college debt free."My mom is still paying for student loans from graduating college in the 90's," she said. It is a huge weight off of my shoulders because that means I can start my life free and clear.

If I want to start a family, there wouldn’t be a burden on them.

The average age of a Sugar Baby on Seeking Arrangement is 26. Ole Miss ranks 43 out of 50 for Sugar Babies with 247 registered students on Seeking Arrangement, according to the site.


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